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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

MaLaYSiaKiNi: "THiS WaS WHaT We CaLL a 'STuPiD a.k.a. MoRoN' PRoTeSTeRs WHo DoeSN'T HaVe ANY SiGNiFiCaNT ReaSoN To PRoTesT AGaiNsT ISLaMiC LaW..."

P/s: To make it worse, they weren't even a MUSLIM AT ALL!!! What the HELL were they trying to get from this 'stupid, insane and irrelevant' protest??? They didn't even know anything about Islamic law that stated clearly from the Quran and Hadis that expression as likely to a man is totally wrong and somekind of a sin act as well. They (the Muslim scholar) have ample proof and evidences to take action against this 'reversed gender' problem against ONLY FOR THE MUSLIM WOMEN who changes their normal feminity attitude and to behave and act like a man externally. For your information, they have figures and numbers that Muslim women from the age of 15 to 25 year-old were getting in a 'serious problem' and they have to act fast before it's becoming major plaque amongst Muslim girls. They doesn't give a DAMN care to the other non-Muslim girls who wanna be like a man or wanna be a lesbian or vice-versa and they don't even wish to intervene others human rights as well. It's just for the sake of the Muslim’s faith entirely and for that reason they have to do something 'harshly'. We as a Muslim citizens have the obligation of doing this drastic measures so that our next generation will not be doing the same immoral thingy which we as a Muslim will be summoned by Allah S.W.T in the judgement day of the thing that we have done in the past to prevent any of the sinful act from happening. You will be responsible indirectly for that and it is part of the 'Fardhu Kifayah' that all Muslims must oblige. I’m not gonna tell anymore about the Islamic thought to those STUPID and MORON girls despite the fact that they aren't even a Muslim to be guided as much as they aren’t knowing anything about Islam at all. It was just a waste of time by telling them about the Islamic laws.

I'm pretty sure that they were just using the 'so-called humanity approaches' but in reality, they were trying to make Islam as a bad religion for all human beings and most importantly to propagate to all non-Muslim that ISLAM IS ALWAYS SUPPRESSING WOMEN FOR CERTAIN REASON.

“Kafir tetap kafir sampai ke mati melainkan dengan izin Allah S.W.T untuk mendapat hidayah dengan mengikuti suruhan-Nya dan meninggalkan larangan-Nya”. For those NON-MUSLIMS out there, STOP INTERFERING OUR ISLAMIC LAWS AND STOP BEING SO STUPID OF NOT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THE FUNDAMENTAL REASON BEHIND THE FATWA. If you don't want us to intervene any of your rights, stop being so STUPID IN FRONT OF US....Takbir, Takbir!!! ALLAHHUAKBAR!!!