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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

MaLaYSiaKiNi: "BeHoLD ALL MaLaYSiaN, I'M TeLLiNG THe TRuTH AND NoTHiNG BuT THe TRuTH [CRoSS FiNGeR]. IT Was NaJiB!! NoT Me & MY BeLoVeD SoN!!!"...

P/s: Yeahh!!! Whateverrr!!! I would say that he's making a great story. Dolah is a great 'story-teller' indeed and a great ‘blatant liar’ as well. The urgent meeting with sec-def is just a 'drama' that need to be redesigned so that he can even make it clear during his press conference that the LOI that has been given to the Eurocopter was just a 'mistake' and the Ministry of Defence will be revising again according the SOP of an open tender system. It's quite funny to see that on the day that he has announcing the approval of buying the replacement of Nuri's helicopter, with his 'bright smile on his face' and suddenly he felt guilty of approving the LOI and need some urgent briefing against the issue that raise many reasonable doubts by the 'rakyat'. He needs to clarify who's behind the Eurocopter (presumably, everybody knows who's the CEO of the company) and why was it so damn quick of giving the LOI two days before his appointment of becoming the Ministry of Defence? Najib, you'll also need to give an explanation on that matter.