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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Friday, October 24, 2008

MaLaYSiaKiNi: "ANWaR NoW 'IN No HuRRY' To ToPPLe BN (AHHH!!!, SuCH A RiDiCuLoUs ExCuSeS FRoM ANWaR)"....

P/s: And now goes the riddles again. One by one excuse appears by none other than our 'prime minister to come'. At last, he has revealed to us that it was enough of the toppling kind of thingy for a while. Now is the time to help the government for managing the financial crisis at once. Why on earth did you back up the government for such a clear problem that has been created by them recently? We all knew that you were in the mode of helping Malaysian but this is not the way of helping us. The way of helping us now is to topple down this irrelevant, irresponsible and malfunction’s government that has made us suffer for the last 6 years ago. How long do we need to wait for your ambitious plan to get rid of most of the corrupted leaders in Malaysia? If you've the numbers, just do it at once!!! This is the time to reveal your capability to the nation that you are able to introduce the check and balance measurement on tackling the economical down falls. Don't just keep on revealing the alternative plans to us. As we all know, by the end of the day, the BN's government will somehow manipulating the alternate plans and eventually claims that this is ours brilliant plan of tackling the problems.