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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"He Was ONCe A STRaY CaT. BUT NoW, He TuRNs TO Be THe LoVaBLe ONe FoR THe WHoLe FaMiLY OF KaK YaTi AND INCLuDiNG Me As WeLL...HeHeHe!!"

P/s: Well, it's hard to tell exactly due to the fact that it was just a night with him and yet we already have the 'chemistry'....HeHeHe!!! His name is quite strange but indeed funny. His name is 'Nyet'. Everybody call him 'Nyet' which is comes from the name of 'MoNYET'....HaHaHa!!! He wasn't like the other male cats that always wandering and lurking for female, he was kind a shy cat and just sit at the middle of the corner snoozing and relaxing with the peaceful 'kampung' surrounding without confronting anymore with previous hectic life like other typical stray cats. On the 3rd 'Raya', we were headed straight to Kuala Pilah, Negeri Sembilan from Kuala Kangsar, Perak where my father-in-law village were located there. We plan to stay there for one night and we did stay there for a night although I've second thought of staying there a bit longer. But what the heck, everybody has their own businesses and extending another day could spoil the plan. OK!! Now back to the cat. At first glimpse of seeing him, I knew that he was kind a cat that can be smashed, smacked and played with...HeHeHe!!! And that what I did to him...HeHeHe!!! After some dreadful day of being smacked down by me, he's still not fighting back and stood like nothing is happening to him...At night, my wife and I were asked to bed at the 'anjung' and it was quite awkward to sleep at the area that have holes at the lower part of house wall for air circulation. Usually, we just put it at the upper side of the wall, but for the N9 houses, they prefer to put it at the side of the bed so that they no need to have fan to be installed due to the fact that the cool windy air will come through the holes. Anyway, that night, 'Nyet' was searching for a good and cosy night sleep as he was sensing me in front of the house. Unfortunately, he was accidently awaken my wife at 3 am. At that time, I saw my wife was trying to repel him from getting nearer. At first, I thought that it was some crawling creatures etc. and after flashing at the moving object, it was 'Nyet' who immediately gave some cute sounds that wanted to sleep with us...HaHaHa!!! Poor 'Nyet'...Well, eventually he was kicked out by my wife and presumably he has found other cosy places far from human after he realises that he has made others went sleepless...HeHeHe!!!