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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

MaLaYSiaKiNi: "ANWaR's MisJuDGeD AND MiSMaNaGeD PLaNs CouLD TRiGGeR THe 'U-TuRN BuTToN' IF He FaiLs AGaIN To KePT His PRoMiSeS"....

P/s: I've heard from the news yesterday that DSAI was reiterated his obsession new dateline of taking the federal government to Dec, 8th 2008. Now, he's going to call for a fresh 2009 budget as he's trying yet again to distract the BN's MPs especially from the 'top gun post' from being captured in the 'Ops Lalang 2008'. Although the Home Minister has dismissed the allegation of such an operation similar in the 'Ops Lalang 1987' will not be implemented as if any of the attempts to jeopardize the stability of the Malaysia's political situations; he was just saying that it depends on the police's intel and several other factors before going to activate that operation. I really doubt from what he had said and I'm pretty d#*n sure that the deflectors and some of the opposition's top gun leaders as well are now under the surveillance of the Home Ministry and in the list of being captured and detained under the ISA. If the moves of taking the federal government aren't well planned and organized, it isn't impossible to see the mass politician are being captured yet again without any trial at all and being detained as long as the government itself wants it. But the question is do we still need to have faith on him again this time as he keeps on promising empty promises as the date came across? We've heard 3 times (16 Sept-1 Oct-13 Oct) of the promises from the DSAI about taking the federal government within that period and yet none of those dates appear to be so-called 'the new dawn of a new government'.