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Friday, September 5, 2008

MaLaYSiaKiNi: "MY EXaMiNaTiON PRoCeDuReS WeRe ReLaTeD To THe SoDoMY CaSe. A LoT OF DiSCRePaNCieS STaTeMeNT MaDe BY THe PuSRaWi's OFFiCiaL"...

P/s: Mmmm!!!..Now we've got the additional news. Thanks to Malaysiakini for the exclusive interview session. I really couldn't accept the fact that he wasn't the so called 'specialist in sodomy examination'. He actually follows the S.O.P a.k.a Standard Operating Procedures for the case that involving in my own term 'buttache' (sorry for not knowing the exact medical term for the pain that comes from your rectal area). But the point is, he has done the 'per-rectal examination' accordingly without knowing that the boy was allegedly being sodomized by one of the great politician in Malaysia. This could be mean that he wasn't aware of what-so-ever that this examination report will lead to the disastrous Malaysia's political scenarios that we've seen once again another same plot to topple down one innocent man from being a great Malaysian leader. So to speak a Prime Minister of Malaysia. It hard to predict what is gonna be happen in a couple of month as it has been brought as a court case. I do hope you Dr. Osman to be as brave as before and fight for your dignity and credibility as an experience medical doctor as well so that it will trigger other medical practitioners out there to be more responsible and vigilant. I rest my thought here!!!...

Not related issues: On today early morning nightline news, I was shocked to see our beloved PM didn't know the current RON97 fuel price as he was answering one of the reporters about his significant moves to reduce the current fuel price. "Kita akan turunkan dalam 15 sen harga minyak sekarang dari aaa...RM1.50...RM1.55, ooooo...(somebody from his side shouting the exact figures) yaa..RM2.55 ke RM2.40 ka!!...Kita lihatlah macam mana trend penurunan tu!!" PM said. Ishhh!!! I don't wanna watch anymore afterwards coz it makes me feel embarrass with such a negligence statement which came from the 'great leader' mouth. I chuckle a few times before went to bed by remembering what will happen if we still have leaders like this until the next 10 years to come...Fuhhhh!!!! Disastrous!!!! HeHeHe!!!

MALAYSIAKINI ONLINE: Bercanggah dengan apa yang didakwa oleh majikannya - Hospital Pusrawi - Dr. Mohd Osman Abdul Hamid bertegas bahawa beliau melakukan pemeriksaan berkaitan dengan liwat ke atas Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan pada 28 Jun lalu. Dalam wawancara eksklusif dengan Malaysiakini semalam, doktor berketurunan Burma itu berkata prosedur yang dikenali sebagai 'per-rectal examination' adalah 'wajib' diketahui setiap doktor.

"Setiap doktor tahu bagaimana melakukannya, itu adalah amalan biasa (seseorang itu) tidak perlu menjadi pakar untuk melakukan pemeriksaan tersebut," katanya ketika menjelaskan bagaimana pemeriksaan itu dilakukan. Dr. Osman muncul semalam selepas 'hilang' selama lebih sebulan sejak laporan perubatannya, yang memutuskan bahawa Saiful tidak diliwat, telah dibocorkan kepada pihak media. Berikutan itu, Hospital Pusrawi menegaskan bahawa Osman tidak melakukan pemeriksaan berkaitan dengan liwat ke atas pesakitnya itu.

Saiful, 23, telah mendakwa bahawa bekas majikannya, Penasihat PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim telah meliwatnya dan kes itu telah dibawa ke mahkamah. Dr. Osman kemudiannya membuat akuan berkanun yang mempertahankan keputusan laporan perubatannya ke atas Saiful. Dr. Osman, yang ditemani peguamnya - M. Puravalen dan Yusri Kamarudin - menegaskan sekali lagi perkara itu dalam satu sidang akhbar semalam.

Dalam wawancara dengan Malaysiakini semalam, Dr. Osman juga menyangkal dakwaan majikannya bahawa beliau tidak berkelayakan untuk membuat kesimpulan mengenai kes liwat. Pihak pengurusan Hospital Pusrawi telah menyatakan bahawa Dr. Osman tidak layak membuat kesimpulan tersebut kerana beliau adalah seorang doktor yang ditempatkan di unit kecemasan dan bukannya seorang pakar.