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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Friday, September 19, 2008

MaLaYSiaKiNi: "DoLaH BaDaWi!!! ARe You 'MaN' ENouGH To FiGHT LiKe A MaN??"...

P/s: Dolah Badawi!!! Are you man enough to face the truth? This is the time to proof to all Malaysian that you're still in power and have what it takes to dismiss all claims made by the DSAI that he has the numbers of deflector to form the new formidable government. Don't just gives a lot of excuses and for the sake of Malaysian people, for this time only PLEASE don't ever listen to your 'beloved menantu' whispers. He only makes your 'season minded' becoming much weaker and worse each days (although he has already influentially makes his moves efficiently). I can't stop thinking that when someone at the edge of his/her fallen (applicable for someone that have 'power' e.g.: politician/top administrator), it is quite an obvious situation as a human being that he/she feels hard to let 'it' go although he/she knows that he/she can't make it quite far enough to make a U-turn or to turn back time around for an urgent 'repairing works'. In fact, 'in the state of denial' is the right term for this kind of leader who seems to me sooo damn 'hard-headed' to release the temptation of being a powerful leader (For god sake don’t ever be like a Mugabe). As I watch to his remarks today early nightline news, he solely wants to make a standoff that he's the only one that could decide whether to leave early or to stick to previous plan which is 2010. Sooo damn arrogant I might say!!! But, the grassroots and the other UMNO's senior supreme council demanded him to step down as early as Oct, 9 2008. It makes me feel 'disgusting' of looking all of them especially the UMNO's Supreme Council which didn't have any guts to voice out their disagreement about the transition plan. Dare to voice in front of the media (in the way of showing their mindful thought) but scare to death when it comes to eyes contact..Sighhh!!!

MALAYSIAKINI ONLINE: Beberapa ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) Umno telah mendesak Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi supaya jangan bertanding jawatan presiden Disember ini. Mereka membuat desakan tersebut dalam mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi (MT) semalam, kerana bimbangkan Abdullah tidak akan mendapatkan pencalonan yang mencukupi untuk mempertahankan jawatan presiden.

Ini bermakna, Abdullah perlu meletakkan jawatan perdana menteri lebih awal daripada 2010. Difahamkan, mereka mahu Abdullah meletak jawatan sebelum 9 Oktober ini - tarikh bermulanya mesyuarat bahagian yang akan berlangsung selama sebulan sehingga 9 November. Seramai 193 bahagian Umno akan membuat pencalonan bagi jawatan presiden, timbalan presiden, naib presiden serta kerusi MT untuk bertanding dalam pemilihan parti Disember depan. Abdullah memerlukan 30 peratus atau 58 pencalonan dari bahagian untuk layak bertanding jawatan presiden.

Sebelum ini beliau memegang jawatan presiden tanpa bertanding. Menurut sumber-sumber yang layak dipercayai, desakan tersebut dibuat oleh sekurang-kurang tiga ahli MT ketika bercakap mengenai pergolakan dalam Umno sekarang. Manakala dua lagi ahli MT difahamkan telah meminta Abdullah meletak jawatan selewat-lewatnya semasa perhimpunan agung tersebut.

Difahamkan ahli-ahli MT yang lain juga mahu menyuara pandangan mereka tetapi Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak mencelah dan berkata beliau akan membincangkan perkara tersebut dengan Abdullah. Abdullah kemudiannya berkata, beliau juga akan membincangkan perkara yang sama dengan Najib selepas ini. Antara yang membangkitkan perkara tersebut termasuk ahli MT yang terdiri daripada menteri kabinet.