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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

MaLaYSiaKiNi: "ANWaR's CaSe PuT OFF To SePT, 24 (MoRe DRaMa To Be UNFoLD SooN)"....

P/s: Now you know that Dolah Badawi hasn't keeping his promise to make sure that Gani Patail doesn't involve in the case. How on earth did he eventually signed the order letter to bring DSAI to the High court? In fact, Dolah Badawi has promised to ensure that this case to be judged in the most transparent ways by not involving the IGP and Patail. Both of them are under the investigation of fabricating evidences during the 1998 Anwar's 1st sodomy case. The 2nd trial didn't sound so good and you can expect more weird/odd situations and stuffs as well on the 3rd trial which will be held on the 24 Sept 2008. You're soooo 'tido' Dolah. Sighhhh!!!!