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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Monday, August 11, 2008


We have received some great new images from PopBox Collectibles. The image show the upcoming replica Transformers Movie Optimus Prime bust. Here are some of the info about the bust:

(a) Optimus has around 25% more volume and size compared to Bumblebee. Majority of it is in the depth of his head.

(b) Like BumbleBee, it will have the light sensing light up eyes function.

(c) The die-cast parts the battle mode mouth plate, stacks, and perhaps the round disk under the stacks. Touching these areas, you would really feel the cool metal parts which adds to item.

(d) Unlike Bumblebee where his Cybertonian runes are printed on on his battle mode, OP's are actually etched into the ABS or metal pieces. This definitely gives a higher end feel to it. Schedule to release in Nov 2009. Retail price is RM700+ and is sold worldwide and can easily be purchased online. Please note, this is still a work in progress and the final product may vary. - Thanks to TFW2005