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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Thursday, August 28, 2008

MoVie PReVieW OF THe BaBYLoN A.D: "LoTs OF VaN-DieSeL's MiND-BLoWiNG ACTiON BuT TeRRiBLe SToRYLiNeS (THaNKs To GeMPaK MaG. FoR THe FRee TiCKeTs)"...

P/s: Yup!! Terrible storylines but quite a mind-blowing action packs to cover it up. Fortunately that it was Van Diesel (Toorop) who plays as a 'delivery man' to convert this terrible movie up to its level of acceptance. If isn't of him, I would rather go out and wandering around the Cineplexes. Fuhhh!!! HeHeHe!! OK, the story was about a man name Toorop who has been hiding in places (in Russia) because of his terrorist act in US, has been summoned by Grosky (Russia's gangster) to make an important delivery to New York. The important delivery was to deliver a genetically modified woman (Aurora) whom his mother (the founder of the Neolites group) has sent her since baby to Mongol for the reason of hiding from the other terrorist which seems also interested of having her at the first day she was born in the lab. What she didn't know that inside her body, there was a deadly virus which is ready to be used for the production of mass biological weapons. Everybody is eagerly wanted her because of her precious body. This includes her father too. Toorop also didn't know that he is delivering a deadly virus to a wrong person (which appears to be Aurora's mother after all) which could wipe out New York entirely in just less than couple of minutes. So, that was the slight intro about the movie. There was a lot of anti-climax scenes and for me it was a quite disappointed movie to be watched and not worth of spending your money as well. Finally, these are my personal rating on the movie: OVERALL: 3/5, SFX: 3.5/5, STORYLINES: 2/5