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Thursday, August 28, 2008

"RPK's BLoG MaLaYSia-ToDaY.NeT HaS BeeN BLoCKeD BY ALL 21 MaLaYSia's I.S.Ps (ANoTHeR DesPeRaTe ATTeMPTs BY NaJiB)"....

P/s: Only one good reason they've taken this drastic moves. The published articles regarding on the Najib and Rosmah's uncertainties faith in Islam entitled 'birth as a muslim but praticising Hinduism' and a published letter containing some sort of 'underworld agreement' with 1 company which seems to be terminated soon and seeks for some helps from the DPM for dismissing the termination notice and wanted to serve with this GLC for another certain period (although their services were terribly worse). I would see this as desperate attempts to bury the truth and by using the MCMC act to block the website won't make any goodness at all. In fact, people will look at this situation as a violation of people’s freedom in the world where information is now at your finger tips. Moreover, the termination of any kind of blogs or website regardless whether is a political motivated, personal point of view or etc. without any well acceptable logical reasons, could make people especially from the mid-class citizens to lose their confidence against the government. They aren't learning from their past mistakes on how internet could make a drastic influential against certain voters out there. If it isn't true from what he has posted, just sue him and lets the court do their jobs of identifying which is false and which is true. The more you’re going to censor, the more votes to be transferred to PR!!!

All 21 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the country have been ordered by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) to block the controversial Malaysia Today website, an industry source revealed. The notices were sent out on Tuesday in accordance with Section 263 of the Communications and Multimedia Act.

“This means that MCMC is allowed to block any particular website which has committed acts that contravene the local laws of the country, for example, sedition,” the source said. Meanwhile, Malaysia Today editor Raja Petra Kamaruddin lashed out against the blocking of the online portal, saying it was a breach of the Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) charter. Under the MSC Malaysia 10-Point Bill of Guarantees, it is stated that as part of its commitment to ensuring the success of MSC Status companies, the Government promised to “ensure no Internet censorship”.

“The Government has clearly broken its own promise,” said Raja Petra yesterday. Asked whether he was notified of the reasons of the blocking, he answered no. “I will turn this into a big issue, no doubt. When it is known that the Government has violated the charter, MSC will die. I will personally see to it,” he said. TMnet, the country's biggest ISP, Maxis and Time refused to comment. However, at 11.30pm, a check by The Star found that Malaysia Today has launched a mirror site which can be easily accessed. - THe STaR ONLiNe