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Thursday, August 14, 2008


The high voltage battery pack on the ISG sits behind the rear seats.

As a part of the transportation arrangements for the ongoing Beijing Olympics, a 50-unit fleet of hybrid vehicles co-developed with Ricardo is being provided by Chery Automobile Company. These vehicles are some of China’s first hybrid vehicles and will go into full production in the months following the games.

Two new vehicles, both based on its existing A5 sedan model, were identified by Chery for the purpose. One is a stop-start hybrid based on a 12-volt Belt Starter-Generator (BSG) linked to 1.6l gasoline engine, itself linked to a five-speed manual transmission. The other is a more comprehensive mild-hybrid based on the same baseline vehicle but instead equipped with a 1.3l gasoline engine and a 12kW crankshaft-mounted 151-volt Integrated Starter-Generator (ISG).

In terms of final fuel economy, the returns are quite impressive: in tests over the ECE Urban drive cycle, the BSG vehicle achieves approximately a 7% improvement in fuel consumption over the baseline product, and it is expected that the improvement will be greater than 10% in real-world urban driving.

For the more complex ISG product, Ricardo developed an integrated hybrid control unit that incorporates the motor drive power electronics, DC to DC converter, and hybrid supervisory and safety functions into one compact package. With its comprehensive mild-hybrid functionality, the ISG-equipped sedan provides a significant increase in performance over the equivalent baseline A5 vehicle fitted with a 1.3 engine; peak power and torque of the ISG-equipped vehicle are comparable with that of a larger 1.6l engine.

Final production calibration and testing of the vehicle systems are still taking place, but the fuel consumption improvement is expected to approach 15% compared to the 1.6l benchmark vehicle. In addition, the system enables engine restart within 200 milliseconds, thus allowing stop-start functionality to be included in the hybrid control strategy. Engineered to exacting European emissions requirements, these new vehicles are due to enter full production shortly and will be available for both domestic Chinese and export markets. - THe STaR ONLiNe