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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Friday, July 4, 2008

"WHaT THe HeCK WeRe THeY eNDoRSeD FoR??? THeY ARe DaMN RiCH PeOPLe!!!!"

Kerajaan menaikkan kadar Imbuhan Tetap Gred Khas dan Imbuhan Tetap Keraian bagi jawatan Gred Khas dalam perkhidmatan awam Persekutuan untuk diseragamkan dengan imbuhan diperoleh pegawai Jawatan Utama Sektor Awam (Jusa) berkuat kuasa 1 Julai lalu. Surat pekeliling perkhidmatan bilangan 10 bertarikh 17 Jun 2008 disiarkan di laman web rasmi Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) menyatakan, dengan berkuat kuasanya surat pekeliling itu, kadar Imbuhan Tetap Jawatan Gred Khas seperti dalam Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bil 9 Tahun 1991 dan kadar Imbuhan Tetap Keraian bagi jawatan Gred Khas dalam Pekeliling Perkhidmatan Bil 4 Tahun 1996 terpinda. Kadar baru imbuhan tetap jawatan Gred Khas yang ditetapkan adalah bagi jawatan Gred Khas A, imbuhan tetap gred khas dinaikkan kepada RM2,500, manakala imbuhan tetap keraian dinaikkan kepada RM4,000. Bagi Gred Khas B, kadar imbuhan tetap gred khas dinaikkan kepada RM1,500, manakala imbuhan tetap keraian dinaikkan kepada RM3,050 dan Gred Khas C menerima imbuhan tetap gred khas RM1,000, manakala imbuhan tetap keraian dinaikkan kepada RM2,500. - BeRiTa HaRiaN (04 JuLY 2008)

P/s: What's going on to the JPA nowadays? I'd say that it was a 'double standard' act. It was like a blink of an eye of allowing the increment of super-class civil servant and for the low-grade civil servant; you've made us confronting with rigorous and painful procedures before being accepted to increase the salary. It was totally unfair!!!! Please give us only one damn good reason why they are deserved to get the increment??? Did you aware that you've endorsed for someone who has at least one supercar like a BMW/Mercedes-Benz A,B,C or whatever classes they did have and not to mention a huge and magnificent customed-made banglo? As for the recent fuel price hikes, most of them were probably just smile and I bet that they don't even crumpling their forehead thinking of these current issues like we do as always. These JUSA guys make a living by receiving approximately RM15,000/month (varies accordingly to the respective JUSA grade). That figure was before the last huge increment for the civil servant (JUSA: 10% - if I'm not mistaken) recently and it includes with all the respective allowances as stated on the above press report. And now, it should be around (RM15,000+RM1,500+those top-up allowances as mentioned above) RM18K-RM20K. It seems that the JPA isn't even think of the lower income earners difficulties on how they were asked by the PM to take a part time job to support the living and to cope with the sky-high rocketing fuel and goods price. And worst come to worst, they are seemly don't even bother to rise the other staff grade salary up to the current standard of living as they simply did on the JUSA. I just wonder how easy it was to announce the increment of the allowances without going to ask or consult the CEUPACS's opinion on that matter and again I wonder, could they have the same guts to just rearrange for the other lower grade up to the current living standard as they already did for the super-class civil servant? Time will tell!!!