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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"UnCLe PeT (SaiFuL's UNCLe) CHaLLenGeS RPK's BLoG STaTeMeNTs".....

P/s: So does the Uncle Pet has testied that his nephew has been checked at the Pusrawi Hospital for the initial medical check up. It was the truth that Saiful was been checked by Dr. Mohammed and the report also mentioned that he has to undergo further check up at the Government Hospital. I might guess that Pusrawi didn't wanna take any risk of having this malicious defamation of the sodomy case against DSAI and they've taken drastic and wise decision by asking him to go to the other hospital although they have all sort of state-of-the-art facilities and not to mention the highly credible doctors as compared at the Government Hospital. Look at his uncle, so temper and so arrogant of asking DSAI to take the oath and the best part is when the reporter asked him about the condition of Saiful, he just said that "he's strong!!, he's strong!!"....Quite funny to hear that 'he's strong' despite the fact that in real situation, he wasn't strong enough to topple a 60-year old man with a back acne while being sodomized by his former boss....Damn a blatant lie statement!!!!