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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"AnD THe WiNNeR Is......THe ViDeO CLiPs OF ANWaR-SHaBeRY's DeBaTe"....

P/s: Here are some important facts and figures that seem to be interested to know:

(1) Government is always keen on reviewing and forecasting our Petroleum-based materials (crude oils and natural gas) reserve and it seems that they were forecasting again up to 2025 provided that there are no more exploration being done by the Petronas in the local and international as well.

(2) Actually, they've forecasted our Petroleum-based substances reserved until 2005. We've been in 2005 and none of statements have been made by the Government that Malaysia is now a net importer despite the facts that our Petroleum reserve is empty. And now, Petronas are making a lot of revenue for the last 10 years (1995) by explorating the 'black gold' rigorously in Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak offshore. Currently, they are making a whopping RM61 billion net profit which has been announced by the Petronas's CEO yesterday.

(3) Although the inflation rate at the Venezuala, Norway and Saudi Arabia are sky-rocketing (30%), they've one strong and good reason of having such a high percentage of inflation rate but can retain its fuel price as lower as possible: Earning rate/capita is higher than the other countries - Most of the workers at these countries were given a huge amount of working salary.

(4) Weird situation: Malaysia is having in high fuel prices and simultaneously has resulted in high inflation rate (approximately 8%). But in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Norway; they have the highest inflation rate (30%) but still can retain its fuel prices at the lowest level.