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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


If you recall, the sixth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince, isn't the most action heavy of the series, dwelling more on inner turmoil than outer fisticuffs. This will not be the case for the film version. "We're opening with a big attack," director David Yates told Empire when we visited the set. "It's talked about in the book, but we're going to show it. We'll bring a major London landmark crashing down. It should be quite spectacular". The opening of the new Potter film (for which you can see an exclusive new image below) will be just one of several scenes created to up the on-screen excitement in the latest movie. Another will be an attack by the Death Eaters (them's the bad wizards) on the Weasley home. But one of the most lasting images from Half-Blood Prince should be the introduction of the inferi, a swarm of undead creatures who guard an item that Harry very much needs to defeat Voldermort and who will turn up in the movie's third act.

"They're horrible," Says the boy wizard Daniel Radcliffe of the beings who look like humans made of only skin and bone and want to get their hands on Harry. "They made me think of bodies from concentration camps. It's that terrible look of a body that's wasted away, but not a skeleton. There will be child inferi too. They're probably the most frightening things of any of the movies so far".