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Thursday, July 17, 2008

"ANWaR's ABSuRD ARReSTiNG S.O.P!!! (INTeResTiNG CoMMeNTS FRoM MaLaYSiaKiNi ReaDeRs)"....

"The action in sending in 15 police cars and men in balaclava to arrest DSAI one hour before the stated deadline is absolutely amazing"

On CID chief reveals why Anwar was arrested

Diana Husin: Do the police have to arrest him escorted by a convoy of 15 patrol cars and special squad cops with balaclava? No wonder they can’t find Bala (and his whole family) because all the police are deployed to get Anwar.

CK Chim: If only the Federal CID director Bakri Zinin can exercise the same level of anticipation in eradicating the state of corruption and crime in this country. His action in sending in 15 police cars and men in balaclava to arrest DSAI one hour before the stated deadline is absolutely amazing. Just like their road blocks over the weekend in ‘anticipation’ of the mass demonstration at the Parliament House on Monday when everyone else were not even aware of such an event. No wonder our country is going down the tube what with such kind of people manning the security of our country.

Peter: I see no reason why the police must arrest Anwar before expiry of the deadline. How did the CID chief know that Anwar would not proceed to the police headquarters after going home? With all the surveillance by the police being focussed on Anwar alone, what were the possibilities that Anwar could escape to neighbouring country?

Yes, Bakri Zinin, your reasoning went against logic and we would not buy your story. Coming to the way Anwar was arrested. Can you explain why you needed 15 police patrol cars and a four-wheel drive to escort him to the police station? Also tell us why did the arresting officers had to wear a balaclava? It is mind boggling! Is Anwar a terrorist high on a wanted list? If not, he did not deserve to be arrested in such a manner. As far as I know, soldiers would be dressed in balaclava when raiding terrorist hideouts.

DelCapo: I want to express my utter disgust at the police's actions. This is a 60-year old man with a bad back. He had just spent hours at the ACA. He had excused himself, with apologies, from the ACA to make sure he would not be late for the 2pm appointment with the CID. Was he armed and dangerous like a terrorist? Was he speeding towards the expressway to Thailand or Singapore or the airport or a seaport for an escape?? Why the 10 police cars? Why the balaclava-clad special force? Where was the arrest warrant? I would like to know which part of police professionalism instruct an overkill and use of force under the circumstances above?

Where? It shows there was an instruction by the IGP and BN government to use excessive force. It displayed no respect for the ‘innocent till proven guilty principle’, it is against democracy, against human rights, against rules of law. You showed that it was political and personal. It is a total disgrace. You have put all Malaysians to utter shame.

Vijayya Segootan: When Anwar agreed to be present at 2 pm, there is no reason for the police to arrest Anwar before the deadline. Where did the CID Chief receive his orders from? You are paid by the rakyat and should be faithful to the rakyat. The CID chief, the Barisan government should resign for this shameful act. This is an abuse of power.

William D: What a flimsy excuse to say that they were afraid that Anwar would not turn up at the appointed time of 2 pm, so they have to arrest him earlier at 12.55 pm. If Anwar can go to the ACA office in Putrajaya, I see no reason why he would not appear at the police headquarters.

If they were afraid that he would not turn up, then why not arrest him at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka where the debate was held on Tuesday night? All they have to do is wait for him to come out from the building, put their hands on his shoulders and say, ‘You are under arrest’. Just to arrest one man, do you honestly need 15 patrol cars and men clad in black jackets and balaclava? And yet our prime minister said Anwar is irrelevant.