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Thursday, July 31, 2008

"FueL PRiCeS MaY DRoP SooN, SaY MiNiSTeRs" (DoN'T EVeR BeLieVe IN WHaT DoLaH WaNTs To SaY)....

Malaysians may pay less for fuel soon, as the Cabinet is mulling over the possibility of lowering the pump prices. Several Cabinet Ministers disclosed that the matter was studied during their weekly meeting yesterday but declined to elaborate, saying that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was expected to make an announcement soon.

Higher Education Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Khaled Nordin said the possibility of consumers paying less for fuel was discussed and that the mechanics were being worked out. Information Minister Datuk Shabery Cheek said the matter was studied by the Cabinet, but declined to elaborate.

Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Samad, when contacted, declined comment, saying that it would be best to wait for Abdullah to make an announcement at an appropriate time. On June 4, the Government raised petrol and diesel prices, stating that it could no longer continue to subsidise fuel prices at the then rate. However, it would continue to provide a 30 sen per litre discount on the market price.

Currently, motorists pay RM2.70 a litre for petrol and RM2.58 a litre for diesel at the pump. Shahrir was quoted by Bloomberg.com on Tuesday as saying that the Government might reduce fuel prices if crude oil prices stay at US$125 (RM408) per barrel for at least three weeks. Shahrir said that it that was the case then a reduction in prices could come within the year to enable the Government to keep its pledge of maintaining a 30 sen per litre subsidy. “Why not, it would be good news, right?” he said during the interview. - THe STaR ONLiNe

"PKR LeaDeR BeLieVeS HKL RePoRT WiLL ALSo ViNDiCaTe HiM".....

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim says he is “not worried at all” about the medical report from Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) on Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan, who is accusing him of sodomy. The former deputy prime Minister believed that another medical report, done on Mohd Saiful at the Pusrawi Hospital on June 28, just four hours prior to the examination at HKL, would also vindicate him. He said the question though was whether the original HKL report would be torn up or amended. “In four hours a lot of things can happen,” he charged.

The doctor who examined Mohd Saiful, 23, at Pusrawi Hospital found no evidence of sodomy as there was zero tear and scar, zero active bleeding and no ulcer or pus in his anus. The Pusrawi's medical report was carried by a news portal days ago. The PKR de facto leader was speaking to reporters yesterday after giving his statement on investigations at the Federal Territory religious department.

He had filed a complaint against Mohd Saiful with the department earlier where he said Mohd Saiful had falsely accused him of fornication without producing four witnesses. Anwar said he provided the department with all the facts, adding that although the investigations were similar to the police probe he felt the ones done by the religious department were more professional.
The de facto PKR leader said he did not know what to expect from the police.

“If the police went by the law, professional standards and conduct, there would be no reason to charge me for sodomy,” he claimed. Anwar also accused the police of pursuing the sodomy allegations because he planned to contest in a by-election and spoke of a new vision for Malaysia and the Malaysian economic agenda and a new Malaysian society. “Don’t cast aspersions on my character and claim that I am being used by the Chinese or planted by the Americans,” he said yesterday. He also said that because of his Malaysian economic agenda there were some senior Malay police officers who accused him of being a traitor to the Malays as they believed he would sell out the country to the Chinese. - THe STaR ONLiNe

TEASER 132: IT's A 'DuRiaN' LiFe...HeHeHe!!


MovieWeb - Movie Photos, Videos & More

MovieWeb - Movie Photos, Videos & More

MovieWeb - Movie Photos, Videos & More

MovieWeb - Movie Photos, Videos & More

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TEASER 131: 'CaRTooNKiNi' BY ZuNaR...HeHeHe!!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


P/s: This is the republished post which is taken from the The Star Blog. Just wonder, why on earth did Dr. Mohamed asked Saiful to undergo for the next medical check up at the Government Hospital if he was totally knew that this guy (saiful) was being sodomized by his so called 'planted friend' at the first place? On what basis did you expect them to have the 'special' relationship by relating them coincidentally of going to the same conference/organisation seminar? Maybe this bulls**t kid (saiful) was going at the wrong place and to the wrong guy who seems to be a quite religious person (based on the info below) and doesn't know how to alter the truth. For me, the truth will be prevailed sooner or later and the bad guy will always get lose whatever method he/she try.....

The Osman Conspiracy?
Posted by: samcwpen

The plots thicken and there does not seem to be an organisation that is not a part of the magic tricks. After my post, I could not help but look for more information as to who this good Doctor is. Lo and behold, I find that he is a registered medical practitioner who has been practising in Malaysia for the past 15 years, although he is only fully registered for the past three years.

Doctor's Registration, Malaysian Medical Council(http://mmc.gov.my/v1/searchmmc/main_search.php?action=detail&id=8528)

The interesting facts found is that Dr. Hamid is a Burmese Muslim who has worked for three years at the Regional Islamic Da'wah Council of South East Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP) organisation from 1993 to 1995.

Doctor's Registration, Malaysian Medical Council(http://mmc.gov.my/v1/searchmmc/main_search.php?action=detail&id=8528)

Regional Islamic Da'wah Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP) (http://riseap.org/)
Coincidently, Anwar was also one of the Supreme Council members in this organisation (RISEAP) at around this period of time.

Islam in Malaysian Foreign Policy

Anwar also attended the "2nd World Peace Forum" on the 17th June 2008 in Jakarta. The other attendees from Malaysia were Abdullah Muhammad Shafiq Ong, Regional Islamic Da'wah Council of Southeast Asia and the Pacific (RISEAP).

The Second World Peace Forum

After Working for RISEAP, he went to work in Sarawak for four years before coming back to work in Kuala Lumpur. His current registration details are as follow:

Current Registered Practise (2008):
Hospital Pusrawi s/bLot 149, Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN KUALA LUMPUR

Can anyone clarify the relationship between Dr. Mohamed Osman Hamid and Anwar Ibrahim, especially when they were both active at RISEAP in the early 1990's and late 1980's? Can anyone also comment if Saiful has any connection with Dr. Hamid, at RISEAP or at University Malaya, where he later worked for another 5 years between 2003 and 2007? Clearly, Anwar is a man of many talents and many powerful friends, including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, the US State Department, the World council of Mosques and RISEAP.

It makes one wonder how far does the conspiracy go and what his true intentions are, as he successfully continues to court and win over the public opinion of not only Malaysians, but the world at large, with his pretty but vulnerable and shy "bride" routines. It just makes me sick, watching all this play-acting. If there is one thing I hate the most, it is in being treated like a mushroom. Kept in the dark, and fed lots of bull-shit!!!

I rest my case.
Hidup Malaysiaku!!!

"ANWaR: No ReASoN FoR PoLiCe To CHaRGe Me WiTH SoDoMY"....

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said there is no reason why the police should charge him for sodomy, based on the law and professional standards, and lashed out at the police chief. With rumours of his arrest imminent, the de facto PKR leader said he did not know what to expect from the police.

Speaking to reporters at the Federal Territory Religious Department Wednesday, he lashed out Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan, whom he claimed had a personal vendetta against him. "Let me remind the government and authorities that this country is not a police state. The decision must be based on facts and law not based on Musa Hassan's personal wishes and vendetta from 1998 right through 2008.

"If they follow the law, the facts, the alibi, the medical report, why do they even consider? (charging)," he asked. Anwar has been accused by 23-year-old Saiful Bukhari Azlan, his former aide, of sodomy. However the initial medical report from the Pusrawi Hospital showed that Saiful had not been sodomised. Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar said that medical report was only one piece of evidence of many pieces the police were putting together. Anwar also said he had no fear of the Hospital KL's medical report of Saiful and believed that it would vindicate him. - THe STaR ONLiNe

TEASER 130: IT's A 'DuRiaN' LiFe...HeHeHe!!

"PReSS STaTeMeNT BY D.S.A.I ON THe LeaKeD OF THe SaiFuL's MeDiCaL RePoRT"....

"SaiFuL's INiTiaL MeDiCaL RePoRT DoNe BY THe PUSRAWI's MeDiCaL OFFiCeR"....

WHo's Dr. MoHaMeD OSMaN??....

Daripada Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dan Mohd. Saiful Bukhari Azlan, kini individu yang menjadi perhatian ialah pegawai perubatan Hospital Pusrawi - Dr. Mohamed Osman Abdul Hamid - doktor pertama menerima kunjungan bekas pembantu khas itu pada 28 Jun lalu. Sumber-sumber memberitahu, Dr. Mohamed Osman mula bertugas di hospital berkenaan sejak setahun lalu.

Beliau merupakan pegawai perubatan yang berasal dari Myanmar dan pernah berkhidmat di beberapa buah hopsital kerajaan sebelum menjadi pegawai perubatan di Pusrawi. Tambah sumber itu, Dr. Mohamed Osman telah mengambil cuti sejak seminggu yang lalu dan tidak diketahui di mana beliau berada sekarang. Dr. Mohamed Osman menjadi perhatian kerana dikatakan telah mendapati tiada kesan Mohd. Saiful telah diliwat.

Semalam, portal berita Malaysia Today mendakwa polis telah menahan seorang doktor bagi membantu siasatan kes liwat membabitkan Anwar yang juga Penasihat Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR). Malah, portal berkenaan juga mendedahkan salinan laporan pemeriksaan doktor di sebuah pusat rawatan swasta di Kuala Lumpur, menjelaskan tiada kesan meliwat terhadap bekas pembantu kepada Anwar, Mohd Saiful.

Bagaimanapun Timbalan Ketua Polis Negara, Tan Sri Ismail Omar menafikan polis menahan seorang doktor yang didakwa oleh portal berkenaan. Ismail berkata polis telah pun merakamkan kenyataan Dr. Mohamed Osman berhubung laporan tersebut sebelum ia nya tersebar di internet semalam. Beliau berkata, doktor lelaki tersebut antara 18 saksi yang sudah dipanggil untuk direkodkan keterangan sebelum ini. - mSTaR ONLiNe

"UnCLe PeT (SaiFuL's UNCLe) CHaLLenGeS RPK's BLoG STaTeMeNTs".....

P/s: So does the Uncle Pet has testied that his nephew has been checked at the Pusrawi Hospital for the initial medical check up. It was the truth that Saiful was been checked by Dr. Mohammed and the report also mentioned that he has to undergo further check up at the Government Hospital. I might guess that Pusrawi didn't wanna take any risk of having this malicious defamation of the sodomy case against DSAI and they've taken drastic and wise decision by asking him to go to the other hospital although they have all sort of state-of-the-art facilities and not to mention the highly credible doctors as compared at the Government Hospital. Look at his uncle, so temper and so arrogant of asking DSAI to take the oath and the best part is when the reporter asked him about the condition of Saiful, he just said that "he's strong!!, he's strong!!"....Quite funny to hear that 'he's strong' despite the fact that in real situation, he wasn't strong enough to topple a 60-year old man with a back acne while being sodomized by his former boss....Damn a blatant lie statement!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008


"ULTra DeTaiL OF 1/6 IRoN MaN a.k.a. ToNY STaRK MaRK III CoLLecTiBLe FiGuRe".....

P/s: WoW!!! Amazing figure!! Superb ultra in-detail figure and of course there are lots of articulation features available. Presumably, the price is approximately RM510 and it can be found at Cineleisure, Damansara. I wish I could be a damn rich man to snatch this awesome figure...Fuhhhh!!! HeHeHe!! See here

Hot Toys - MMS 75 - IRON MAN - 12 inches MARK III collectible figure.
Hot Toys is proud to bring you the highly detailed 1/6th scale IRON MAN MARK III collectible figure.

The IRON MAN MARK III features:
(1) Authentic and detailed fully realized IRON MAN.
(2) Stands approximate 30 cm tall.
(3) Over 36 points of articulations.
(4) Metal-like painting.
(5) Special features on the armor.
(6) Light up glowing eyes and heart (battery operated).
(7) Articulated flaps at back of the armor and on legs.
(8) Working forearms missile.
(9) Three pairs of Interchangeable hands, including light up replusor palms.
(10) Alternate head with authentic likeness of Robert Downey Jr. as TONY STARK.
(11) 12-inch figure stand.

TEASER 128: IT's A 'DuRiaN' LiFe...HeHeHe!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

"THiS IS WHY CaT ALWaYs RuN AWaY FRoM KiDz...HaHaHa!!!"


"A WHoPPiNG 7.7% OF THe C.P.I As CoMPaReD TO LaST 27-YeaR (THe HiGHeST MaLaYSia'S INFLaTioN RaTe ReCoRD So FaR)".....

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) for June spiked to a 27-year high of 7.7%. This figure is slightly more than double the May CPI of 3.8%. The 7.7% is also the highest since April 1981 when the CPI was recorded at 10.8%. The substantial rise in the price of petrol and diesel announced by the Government beginning June 5 is the main reason for the surge, said Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Shahrir Abdul Samad.

He said the inflation would probably remain at 7.7% for July because it would see the impact of increase in the electricity tariff. Reading a report by the Statistics Department, he said the CPI for January to June this year had also increased by 3.7% compared with the same period last year, which was from 105.1 to 109.

Index for food and non-alcoholic beverages for June compared to the same month last year showed high percentage change of 10.0% while the index for non-food increased by 6.7%. From January to June, index for food and non-alcoholic beverages increased by 6.1% and non-food 2.6%, while among the groups with high weights were transport (+4%), and housing, water, electricity, gas and other fuels (+ 1.4%).

The 6.1% increase in the index for food and non-alcoholic beverages was the result of increases in the index for items such as milk, cheese, eggs, rice, bread, cereals, meat, vegetables, seafood, fruits, sugar, jam, honey, chocolate, confectionary and fats. Among the food items that recorded notable increase in the June index were tomatoes, chicken eggs, rice, glutinous rice, imported beef, beehoon, dried noodles, watermelon, carrots, chicken and wheat flour.

Speaking to reporters at his office here yesterday, Shahrir said his proposal to have a dedicated agency to help efficiently distribute subsidised goods to rural folks would be submitted to the Cabinet in two to three weeks. “There is not much we can do for the price pressures but more fine-tuning of a distribution system to ensure subsidised goods reach the target group is vital,” he said. He said he was looking to increasing the number of food items on the price-control list to help the lower income group.

Food items on the list now were only general-purpose flour, cooking oil, white bread and rice. The basket of goods for calculating the CPI is done twice in five years with the last one in 2005, he said, adding that it has to be expedited to be more reflective of the market conditions. Shahrir said an average of 10 billion litres of diesel was being used annually with about 50% being subsidised by the Government. - THe STaR ONLiNe

TEASER 127: IT's A 'DuRiaN' LiFe...HeHeHe!!

"ANWaR CoNFiRMs He's EyeiNG KuLiM"....

Wednesday, July 23, 2008


P/s: I'm a bit sceptical of looking at this guy which is not an easterner actor who plays as a Goku in this real action packed movie. It is quite awkward to see the 'white western actor' plays the role of goku whose seems for me to be more in common with the Japanese people (I won't mind if it's a Pan-Asia faces as well). Until the movie has yet to be shown its first teaser trailer, I would probably pass it as an excellent attempt by Steven Chow for making it as real as possible despite the facts that the anime version is the most viewable series of all time...


TEASER 126: 'CaRTooNKiNi' BY ZuNaR...HeHeHe!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


PKR adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim called on senior police officers to be transparent in their investigation. He also asked Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to ensure the probe is conducted professionally. At a press conference Thursday, Anwar said he had to sleep on a “cold cement floor” on the 7th floor of the IPK KL during his overnight detention. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim arriving at his home in Bukit Segambut on Thursday morning after being released on police bail.

His age coupled with his back problems made sleeping on the floor difficult and his doctor had to bring painkillers to help ease the pain. Anwar questioned why there was a need to arrest him when he had promised to go to IPK KL at 2pm. He urged senior police officers to exercise professional conduct in their investigation of the sodomy claims against him. “I am challenging the competence of the IGP (Tan Sri Musa Hassan) and A-G (Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail). They shouldn’t see it as a personal vendetta against me. I’m doing this as a citizen,” he said.

Twice during his press conference Anwar called on Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to ensure the investigation is conducted professionally. He also asked the police to be transparent in their investigation, saying he gave them his full co-operation during the questioning as well as at Hospital Kuala Lumpur where he had a medical checkup which included “checking of my private parts”. Anwar said the only thing that he did not consent to was giving his blood for the DNA test as he was not convinced it would not be tampered with.

“Why should I give blood when my blood is already in their (the police’s) possession?” he asked. Anwar questioned why he still had not seen the details of the sodomy allegation against him despite having been questioned for five hours and detained overnight. “This is a very serious accusation yet we have still not seen the report,” he said.

He reiterated that he had a strong alibi. Commenting on the arrest of blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin, Anwar questioned why there was no investigation into Raja Petra’s allegations when "there is evidence". Speaking to reporters after the press conference, Anwar’s lawyer Sankara Nair said Anwar’s bail expires on Aug 18 when he will have to report to the police. He added that Anwar will only give a DNA sample if ordered by a court. At another press conference, at Bukit Aman, the IGP said police are looking at the possibility of getting a court order to compel Anwar to give his DNA sample. - THe STaR ONLiNe

EXCLUSIVE TRAILER: "TeRMiNaToR SaLVaTiON: THe FuTuRe BeGiNs (PReMieRiNG ON MaY, 22nd 2009)"....

SYNOPSIS: In the highly anticipated new installment of "The Terminator" film franchise, set in post-apocalyptic 2018, Christian Bale stars as John Connor, the man fated to lead the human resistance against Skynet and its army of Terminators. But the future Connor was raised to believe in is altered in part by the appearance of Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), a stranger whose last memory is of being on death row. Connor must decide whether Marcus has been sent from the future, or rescued from the past. As Skynet prepares its final onslaught, Connor and Marcus both embark on an odyssey that takes them into the heart of Skynet's operations, where they uncover the terrible secret behind the possible annihilation of mankind.

"ANWaR's ABSuRD ARReSTiNG S.O.P!!! (INTeResTiNG CoMMeNTS FRoM MaLaYSiaKiNi ReaDeRs)"....

"The action in sending in 15 police cars and men in balaclava to arrest DSAI one hour before the stated deadline is absolutely amazing"

On CID chief reveals why Anwar was arrested

Diana Husin: Do the police have to arrest him escorted by a convoy of 15 patrol cars and special squad cops with balaclava? No wonder they can’t find Bala (and his whole family) because all the police are deployed to get Anwar.

CK Chim: If only the Federal CID director Bakri Zinin can exercise the same level of anticipation in eradicating the state of corruption and crime in this country. His action in sending in 15 police cars and men in balaclava to arrest DSAI one hour before the stated deadline is absolutely amazing. Just like their road blocks over the weekend in ‘anticipation’ of the mass demonstration at the Parliament House on Monday when everyone else were not even aware of such an event. No wonder our country is going down the tube what with such kind of people manning the security of our country.

Peter: I see no reason why the police must arrest Anwar before expiry of the deadline. How did the CID chief know that Anwar would not proceed to the police headquarters after going home? With all the surveillance by the police being focussed on Anwar alone, what were the possibilities that Anwar could escape to neighbouring country?

Yes, Bakri Zinin, your reasoning went against logic and we would not buy your story. Coming to the way Anwar was arrested. Can you explain why you needed 15 police patrol cars and a four-wheel drive to escort him to the police station? Also tell us why did the arresting officers had to wear a balaclava? It is mind boggling! Is Anwar a terrorist high on a wanted list? If not, he did not deserve to be arrested in such a manner. As far as I know, soldiers would be dressed in balaclava when raiding terrorist hideouts.

DelCapo: I want to express my utter disgust at the police's actions. This is a 60-year old man with a bad back. He had just spent hours at the ACA. He had excused himself, with apologies, from the ACA to make sure he would not be late for the 2pm appointment with the CID. Was he armed and dangerous like a terrorist? Was he speeding towards the expressway to Thailand or Singapore or the airport or a seaport for an escape?? Why the 10 police cars? Why the balaclava-clad special force? Where was the arrest warrant? I would like to know which part of police professionalism instruct an overkill and use of force under the circumstances above?

Where? It shows there was an instruction by the IGP and BN government to use excessive force. It displayed no respect for the ‘innocent till proven guilty principle’, it is against democracy, against human rights, against rules of law. You showed that it was political and personal. It is a total disgrace. You have put all Malaysians to utter shame.

Vijayya Segootan: When Anwar agreed to be present at 2 pm, there is no reason for the police to arrest Anwar before the deadline. Where did the CID Chief receive his orders from? You are paid by the rakyat and should be faithful to the rakyat. The CID chief, the Barisan government should resign for this shameful act. This is an abuse of power.

William D: What a flimsy excuse to say that they were afraid that Anwar would not turn up at the appointed time of 2 pm, so they have to arrest him earlier at 12.55 pm. If Anwar can go to the ACA office in Putrajaya, I see no reason why he would not appear at the police headquarters.

If they were afraid that he would not turn up, then why not arrest him at the Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka where the debate was held on Tuesday night? All they have to do is wait for him to come out from the building, put their hands on his shoulders and say, ‘You are under arrest’. Just to arrest one man, do you honestly need 15 patrol cars and men clad in black jackets and balaclava? And yet our prime minister said Anwar is irrelevant.



Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who was arrested by the police, refused to give a sample for a DNA test when he was brought to Hospital Kuala Lumpur. His lawyer R. Sivarasa said that police requested for a full medical examination at the hospital but only a minimal one was done.

“I can confirm no DNA was taken. At this stage, we are not prepared to agree to that,” Sivarasa told reporters. Anwar was brought to the hospital after his statement was taken yesterday afternoon. He was arrested at 1pm just outside his house in Segambut Dalam. His lawyer Sankara Nair said Anwar, who had finished his appointment with the Anti-Corruption Agency in Putrajaya in the morning, was heading home to refresh himself and say goodbye to his family before going to the police headquarters.

“But as we neared Anwar’s house, we were stopped by policemen and members of the Special Ops Units (UTK) wearing balaclavas,” he told a press conference in the afternoon. “At 11.20am, we told the ACA we had to stop. The officer was reluctant and wanted to finish everything off but we said we had to meet the police,” he added. Sankara said Anwar had no intention of skipping his meeting with the police.

“We promised the ACA we would return on Monday,” he said. Sankara said that at around 12.45pm, he received a call from the police asking if Anwar would be present at the station later, to which Sankara said yes. “But a few minutes later, he was arrested,” he said. Anwar, together with his driver, were in the car with Sankara and his other counsel R. Sivarasa at the time. Sankara said one Supt Taufek, who was in uniform, made the arrest under Section 377C of the Penal Code, although no warrant was produced.

The section is for the offence of carnal intercourse against the order of nature without consent. The lawyer confirmed that the police did not use weapons or handcuff Anwar during the arrest. Sankara said he was disappointed with the police for arresting Anwar when they had given him a 2pm deadline. Sankara, who left the police station at 6pm, said Sivarasa stayed on to advise Anwar, as police allowed only one counsel to be present.

He said there was nothing much the lawyers could do for Anwar at this point in time. “Police can detain him for 24 hours before requesting a remand order from the magistrate for a maximum period of 14 days. “All we can do at this stage is to argue our case with the magistrate on why the remand should not be granted,” he said. About 11.15pm yesterday, PKR supreme council member Badrul Hisham Shaharin addressed the crowd which had gathered outside the police headquarters and told them that Anwar would be held overnight. He also urged the crowd, which held a candlelight vigil, to remain calm. - THe STaR ONLiNe

TEASER 125: IT's A 'DuRiaN' LiFe...HeHeHe!!

"ANWaR ReLeaSeD ON PoLiCe BaiL (WiSe DeCiSiON OF ReFuSiNG To GiVe A DNA SaMPLe)".....

Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim was released on police bail Thursday morning after having his statement recorded the night before, the Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar said. He was safely back at his home in Bukit Segambut in Kuala Lumpur by 10.05am, and is expected to hold a press conference at 2pm.

Anwar's statement was taken down to facilitate police investigations into the report lodged on June 28 by his 23-year-old former aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan alleging he had been sodomised by the PKR de facto leader. "He was arrested yesterday (Wednesday) as he was a suspect, and his arrest was made in accordance with the law," Ismail said. "Police followed every procedure and had even informed him and his lawyers that the warrant for his arrest had been obtained.

"He was treated fairly and according to due process of the law, which included allowing his wife (Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail) to visit him at about midnight," he added. Ismail said police would continue with their investigations. He also appealed to the public not to speculate and to allow the police to investigate this case as they would any other case. At a press conference at about 10am, Anwar's lawyers R. Sivarasa and Sankara Nair said that no charges had been levied on the former deputy prime minister at this time.

He will have to report to the Kuala Lumpur police headquarters on Aug 18 however. They said that Anwar refused to give a DNA sample on Wednesday night because they feared there would be fabrication of evidence, which Anwar had alleged had taken place in the infamous "black eye" incident of nearly a decade ago. At that time, Anwar was alleged to have committed sodomy too. He lodged a police report against Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Musa Hassan and Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail, who were the investigating officer and chief prosecutor respectively in that case. - THe STaR ONLiNe

"95% OuT OF 18,684 MaLaYSiaKiNi ReaDeRs VoTeD YoU As A WiNNeR. KuDoS ANWaR!!! YoU'Re THe WiNNeR OF THe ANWaR-SHaBeRY's DeBaTe"....

Penasihat PKR Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim muncul sebagai "pemenang" debat mengenai kenaikan harga minyak yang disiarkan secara langsung malam tadi, demikian menurut tinjauan pendapat oleh Malaysiakini. Tinjauan selama 12 jam itu dimulakan sebaik sahaja perdebatan Anwar dengan menteri penerangan Datuk Shabery Cheek selesai pada jam 10 malam tadi. Hasilnya menunjukkan pembaca Malaysiakini percaya prestasi Anwar jauh lebih menyerlah daripada Shabery.

Sejumlah 18,684 pembaca menyertai tinjauan pendapat tersebut, dengan 17,240 atau 95 peratus bersetuju bahawa hujah-hujah Anwar adalah lebih meyakinkan. Menariknya, walaupun Anwar dilihat lebih menyerlah dalam perdebatan tersebut, tetapi majoriti pembaca (57 peratus) berkata beliau kelihatan bergantung pada notanya. Shabery pula kelihatan kurang merujuk kepada nota-notanya. Bagaimanapun, 90 peratus pembaca percaya, menteri penerangan itu mengelak menjawab banyak soalan yang dikemukakan oleh moderator dan dua orang penalis. Diminta memberi mata 1 hingga 10 bagi kedua-dua pendebat tersebut, Anwar ternyata lebih menyerlah daripada Shabery. Perdebatan selama sejam itu merupakan yang pertama membabitkan seorang menteri dengan seorang tokoh pembangkang yang disiarkan secara langsung di TV.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

#DeJa-Vu# ANWaR Has BeeN ARReSTeD: "DoLaH, DoLaH, Hoi DoLaH!!!; Ko TiDoQ LaGi La Nie. JaNJi LaiN, KoTaKaN LaiN!!!!"....

This afternoon at 1:05 PM Anwar Ibrahim, former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia, was arrested outside of his home in Kuala Lumpur. He was due to issue a statement at IPK KL (Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters) at 2:00 PM based on an agreement reached with the police on Tuesday.

Anwar Ibrahim was returning from the Anti Corruption Agency to his home after giving a statement pertaining to the police report that has been filed regarding suppression of material facts in the case involving him in 1998. He was accompanied by his senior legal team, staff, and security.

As he entered the neighborhood of his home, a contingent of ten police cars, half unmarked and half patrol, forced the two cars in Anwar Ibrahim’s entourage to stop. There was a contingent of 20 balaklava-clad masked commandos (UTK) who accosted him, reminiscent of the forces sent to arrest Anwar Ibrahim at his home in September 1998. An officer approached Anwar Ibrahim and demanded that he accompany the police in an unmarked vehicle to the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters. His lawyers were not permitted to travel with him to the police station.

This arrest has taken place less than fifteen hours after Anwar Ibrahim appeared live on Malaysian television for the first time since 1998 and announced to millions of viewers his intention to stand for election, and upon the formation of a new government, to lower the domestic price of fuel by 50 sen. The overwhelming majority of Malaysians expressed their support of his televised statement.

These events are deeply disturbing to us and indicate that this entire episode is a repeat of the actions taken against Anwar Ibrahim in 1998. During the last few weeks the government owned mainstream media has demonized and vilified him. His staff has been harassed and we see a conspiracy being hatched to thwart the political change that is imminent in Malaysia. Under no circumstances will the people of Malaysia and the international community tolerate any harm coming to Anwar Ibrahim. We remind Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi of the promise he made to ensure Anwar Ibrahim’s protection.

We have been able to communicate with Anwar Ibrahim, who calls upon his supporters and the people of Malaysia to remain calm and to reject any attempts at provocation, which will give a pretext for an emergency situation to be declared. - OFFICE OF ANWAR IBRAHIM

TEASER 124: IT's A 'DuRiaN' LiFe...HeHeHe!!

"AnD THe WiNNeR Is......THe ViDeO CLiPs OF ANWaR-SHaBeRY's DeBaTe"....

P/s: Here are some important facts and figures that seem to be interested to know:

(1) Government is always keen on reviewing and forecasting our Petroleum-based materials (crude oils and natural gas) reserve and it seems that they were forecasting again up to 2025 provided that there are no more exploration being done by the Petronas in the local and international as well.

(2) Actually, they've forecasted our Petroleum-based substances reserved until 2005. We've been in 2005 and none of statements have been made by the Government that Malaysia is now a net importer despite the facts that our Petroleum reserve is empty. And now, Petronas are making a lot of revenue for the last 10 years (1995) by explorating the 'black gold' rigorously in Terengganu, Sabah and Sarawak offshore. Currently, they are making a whopping RM61 billion net profit which has been announced by the Petronas's CEO yesterday.

(3) Although the inflation rate at the Venezuala, Norway and Saudi Arabia are sky-rocketing (30%), they've one strong and good reason of having such a high percentage of inflation rate but can retain its fuel price as lower as possible: Earning rate/capita is higher than the other countries - Most of the workers at these countries were given a huge amount of working salary.

(4) Weird situation: Malaysia is having in high fuel prices and simultaneously has resulted in high inflation rate (approximately 8%). But in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Norway; they have the highest inflation rate (30%) but still can retain its fuel prices at the lowest level.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TEASER 123: IT's A 'DuRiaN' LiFe...HeHeHe!!

DRaSTiC CHaNGeS ON THe DeBaTe CoULD Be OnLY ONe GooD ReaSoN: "THeY'Re DaMN To SCaRe To DeBaTe!!!"....

PKR melahirkan kekecewaan berhubung perubahan saat-saat akhir program debat isu kenaikan harga minyak antara penasihatnya Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim dengan menteri penerangan Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek malam ini. Debat yang asalnya dijadual sepanjang 90 minit kini dikurangkan kepada sejam, termasuk lapan minit iklan, kata ketua penerangannya Tian Chua.

Beliau juga kecewa dengan keputusan menukar saluran televisyen kepada TV9, asalnya TV3, yang belum mempunyai liputan menyeluruh. Bernama TV dan Astro Awani akan turut menyiarkan siaran langsung debat "Hari ini membentuk kerajaan, esok turun harga minyak" mulai jam 9 malam ini.

"Apa yang mengecewakan lagi ialah, disebabkan oleh pertukaran stesen penyiaran dari stesen kerajaan kepada stesen swasta, masa penyiaran telah dikurangkan dari satu jam setengah kepada 52 minit ditambah dengan 8 minit iklan," kata Tian dalam satu kenyataan. "Pertukaran stesen penyiaran dan pengurangan masa siaran jelas adalah untuk menyekat orang awam daripada mengikuti perdebatan yang jarang ini bagi mendengar penjelasan Anwar Ibrahim berhubung dengan isu harga minyak.

"Tindakan ini timbul tidak lain daripada rasa takut BN untuk berhadapan dengan Anwar dalam isu yang menjadi perhatian semua rakyat." Bagaimanapun, tambahnya, Anwar akan tetap menghadiri program debat tersebut anjuran Agendadaily.com yang diadakan di bangunan Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka. - MaLaYSiaKiNi ONLiNe

"A WHoPPiNG RM61 BiLLiON OF NeT PRoFiT Has BeeN OBTaiNeD BY PeTRoNaS (Acc. STaTeMeNT UNTiL-31 MaC 2008)".....

Kumpulan Petronas menghasilkan satu lagi rekod prestasi bagi tahun kewangan berakhir 31 Mac, 2008, dengan mencatatkan peningkatan perolehan 21.2 peratus kepada RM223.1 bilion berbanding dengan RM184.1 bilion dalam 2007, di tengah-tengah cabaran kompleks dan kian meningkat persekitaran industri minyak dan gas global. Dalam laporan tahunan yang dikeluarkan di sini hari ini, kumpulan itu menyatakan keuntungan pracukai meningkat kepada RM95.5 bilion, naik 25.2 peratus daripada RM76.3 bilion sebelum ini, manakala keuntungan bersih meningkat kepada RM61 bilion atau 31.5 peratus daripada RM46.4 bilion.

Keseluruhan aset melonjak kepada RM339.3 bilion atau 15.2 peratus daripada RM294.6 bilion pada tahun lalu, demikian menurut Bernama. Dana para pemegang saham bertambah baik kepada RM201 bilion daripada RM170.9 bilion, yang merupakan satu peningkatan 17.6 peratus. Penyumbang terbesar kepada perolehan Petronas ialah dari operasi antarabangsanya yang merupakan 40.3 peratus daripada pendapatan kumpulan itu. Operasi eksport dan domestik masing-masing menyumbang 38.9 peratus dan 20.8 peratus. Operasi antarabangsa mencatatkan perolehan RM90 bilion, yang merupakan satu peningkatan - MaLaYSiaKiNi ONLiNe

"ONe-IN-THe-MiLLioN OF THe GM-HuMMeR H2 ON THe MaLaYSia's RoaD".....

P/s: It was awesome!!!!! HeHeHe!!! It was one of the kind vehicle has ever been spotted in KL so far. I mean, for me it was such an achievement to see in your own eyes that this America-manufactured vehicle was being driven by Malaysia's people. It was a General Motors (GM)-Hummer H2 vehicle which usually being used as a military vehicles a.k.a Humvee and not to mention it was one of the Transformers the movie character vehicle which is the Ratchet. I was on my way to the Cineleisure to watch 'The Journey To The Centre Of The Earth' and while exiting to the Curve, we stumbled upon this unfamiliar vehicle and managed to snap few pictures without noticeably seen by the driver. It was a huge vehicle and all windscreens were tinted in black (it was hard to see people inside). I wish I could see it more in closely.....

DaReDeViL PaK GuaRD: "GuARDiNG THe WRoNG SiDeWaY".....

P/s: On the last Friday evening, I was on my way back from Cyberjaya to Puchong to fetch up my beloved wife. While queuing at the LDP's Touch n' Go lane, I saw a peculiar uniform which was sitting restlessly writing up something with no fear of being hit by any heavy vehicles. Perhaps, this security guard wasn't aware the danger of guarding the toll booth at the wrong sideway. To make it worst, he was guarding at the heavy vehicles lane and it could get nasty as if any of the heavy vehicles lost of its control and slammed into his hot spot.

TEASER 122: 'CaRTooNKiNi' BY ZuNaR...HeHeHe!!

"No-ConFiDenCe MoTioN ReJeCTeD, OPPoSiTioN STaGeS WaLKouT"....


Friday, July 11, 2008

"PM's PoWeR TRaNSiTioN Is iN JuNe 2010"...(IT's JuST A PLaN: THeRe's No BLaCK & WHiTe AGReeMeNT. ANYTHiNG CaN HaPPeNs!!)....

P/s: Don't be so sure of what Dolah Badawi said. It's just a plan and most probably I'd say a political rhetoric on how to divert UMNO's Chief Division decision from being involved in promoting Najib to challenge him for the top post. For me, it was an unwise decision on promoting back UMNO back on track. This prudent step could be just a diversion of what is gonna happen in the next 3 months time. In fact, I'd always bear in mind that in the political matters, friends can be our most fear of all kinds, words and appearances can be deceiving and everything that happens today can be flip-flopped in the blink of an eyes. I just wonder for a second, why did it happen (the sudden UMNO's meeting) in the sudden time when there was a motion of no-confidence being filed on the same day (3.00pm yesterday) by Dr. Wan Azizah? If the transition day is gonna be on June, 2010; why on the earth that the announcement should be made yesterday? Are you scared of facing and having another motion of no-confidence by the UMNO's grassroot leaders? Time will tell us...


SYNOPSIS: Television reporter Angela Vidal (Jennifer Carpenter) and her cameraman (Steve Harris) are assigned to spend the night shift with a Los Angeles Fire Station. After a routine 911 call takes them to a small apartment building, they find police officers already on the scene in response to blood curdling screams coming from one of the apartment units. They soon learn that a woman living in the building has been infected by something unknown. After a few of the residents are viciously attacked, they try to escape with the news crew in town, only to find that the CDC has quarantined the building. Phones, internet, televisions and cell phone access have been cut-off, and officials are not relaying information to those locked inside. When the quarantine is finally lifted, the only evidence of what took place is the news crew's videotape.

P/s: Premiering on October, 12 2008....

THe STAR FRee TiCKeTs ReDeMPTioN (JouRNeY To THe CeNTRe To THe EaRTH): "DaMN!!! THe FRee TiCKeTs WeRe Too LeSS"....

P/s: Sighhhh!!!! Damn the queue was too long just for the 2 free tickets of the 'Journey To The Centre Of The Earth. I shouldn't be too confident of getting the tickets. Yesterday, the STAR newspaper decided on its Saturday last week issue to give complimentary free passes of the movie for the first 120 readers who bring along the coupon during the redemption time (7pm-8pm) at the GSC Mid-valley Megamall. I was there at about 5pm and I wasn't aware that I should have been at the redemption counter as early as possible despite the facts that it was the first-come-first-serve basis. As matter a fact, I was wandering around until 6.15pm and what a surprise to see that the queue was too long. It was quite disappointed scene but I decided to stick on the line as if there is someone who forgot to bring their coupon for the redemption. At the end of the day, I've ended up by getting nothing but only tired of the long queue and feeling damn frustrated. Expression of me until now: "Expressionless!!!" So does the cat lying on the end of the sofa like above....HeHeHe!!! HuHuHuHu....

Dr. M: "NaJiB WiLL NeVeR BeCoMe PM"....

Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will never become Prime Minister, former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said. Writing in his blog chedet.com, Dr Mahathir predicted that more accusations would be thrown at Najib to put him down until he would be deemed unfit to serve as Deputy Prime Minister.

“Someone who is considered more loyal to Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi will be replacing him (Najib). However, the replacement candidate will not take over the top post in 2010 as he is inexperienced. “Abdullah will be more than willing to remain in the post until the 13th general election,” wrote Dr Mahathir. He also wrote that Abdullah did not practise what he preached when he gathered Umno division leaders and told them not to challenge him for the presidency.
“As usual, as in Umno administration under Abdullah, when a directive is given to obstruct an action, the president does not see himself subjected to it,” he said, adding that Najib would be assured that there would be no challengers for his job. - THe STaR ONLiNe

EXCLUSIVE: "PaKaTaN FiLeS No-ConFiDeNCe MoTioN"....

8 Julai 2008, Suara Keadilan Online, KENYATAAN AKHBAR KETUA PEMBANGKANG

Usul di bawah Peraturan Mesyuarat 18(1) dan (2)

Sebentar tadi saya dengan diiringi wakil parti-parti komponen Pakatan Rakyat telah menghantar surat kepada Yang di-Pertua Dewan Rakyat untuk membawa satu Usul di bawah Peraturan Mesyuarat 18(1) dan (2). Usul tersebut berbunyi:

“Bahawa Dewan yang mulia ini mengambil ketetapan tidak percaya terhadap kepimpinan YAB Perdana Menteri Malaysia dan jemaah menteri beliau dalam menjalankan urus tadbir negara disebabkan terhakisnya keyakinan rakyat terhadap integriti kerajaan.”

Pilihanraya Umum ke-12 menyaksikan ‘Tsunami Politik’ yang mengakibatkan 5 negeri dan juga Wilayah Persekutuan jatuh ke tangan Pakatan Rakyat sekaligus menafikan penguasaan majoriti 2/3 Barisan Nasional. Kemenangan tipis BN ini telah dicapai melalui manipulasi SPR dan pembohongan yang tidak bermaruah. Harga minyak telah dinaikkan secara mengejut selepas PRU walaupun Timbalan Perdana Menteri semasa melancarkan manifesto BN telah berjanji tidak akan menaikkannya. Negeri-negeri yang diperintah oleh Pakatan Rakyat juga dianaktirikan menunjukkan sikap BN yang bertentangan dengan semangat demokrasi dan federalisme. Ahli-ahli Parlimen BN yang bertindak menolak sikap pimpinan mereka yang tidak bertanggung-jawab diugut dan dipaksa supaya tidak bersuara.

Perkembangan ini mengakibatkan wujudnya krisis keyakinan terhadap YAB Perdana Menteri dan kabinet beliau. Rakyat kini dilanda beberapa krisis besar seperti harga minyak yang terlalu membebankan rakyat, harga bahan makanan dan keperluan asas rakyat yang semakin mahal, keyakinan rakyat yang semakin terhakis terhadap institusi Polis, Peguam Negara dan Badan Kehakiman, Peningkatan kadar jenayah dan gejala Rasuah yang semakin membarah.

Kami yakin Dewan yang mulia ini wajar membincangkan Usul yang dikemukakan ini. Sekian, terima kasih.

YB Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail
Ketua Pembangkang Dewan Rakyat
Ahli Parlimen Permatang Pauh

Thursday, July 10, 2008

15th JULY 2008: "ALL SeT FoR FueL DeBaTe BeTWeeN SHaBeRY AnD ANWaR"....

Information Minister Datuk Ahmad Shabery Cheek is confident of doing well in his debate on the fuel price increase with PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on July 15. “I have always prepared my mind. Do you think it’s tough? I don’t think it’s tough at all. I’m very confident about it,” he told reporters at Parliament lobby.

On whether the debate was brought up at the Cabinet meeting yesterday, Ahmad Shabery said it wasn’t discussed, adding: “The Prime Minister has already issued a statement that it (the debate) is good.” He said Anwar would be putting himself and his party at risk in the debate. “He is a leader and he always assumes that he can become the Prime Minister.

“But I’m nothing. I’m just a local leader in Umno,” he said. Ahmad Shabery also clarified that the debate was organised by Agenda Daily and not him or his ministry. In Taiping, Anwar said he would unveil a mechanism on how Malaysians could enjoy a lower price of petrol and diesel during the debate. He said he would debate with Ahmad Shabery even though he preferred to do it with the Prime Minister and his deputy. Anwar repeated his pledge that if Pakatan Rakyat were to take over the Government, the price of fuel would be reduced the next day.

He said it was irresponsible to compare the rise in the fuel and diesel prices in countries such as India and China unlike Malaysia which produces oil. He also denied that he was eroding Malay interests as alleged by Barisan Nasional. “I am only speaking as their rights had been sidelined by Malay leaders who have betrayed them,” he told a gathering in Batu Gantang. Earlier Gopeng MP Lee Boon Chye, a PKR vice-president, said there was no need for the Government to increase the oil price by 40% as it had given traders a good excuse to raise their prices. “The increase is a case of too much, too fast and made at a wrong time,” he said. - THe STaR ONLiNe


Sebahagian besar pembaca Malaysiakini yang menyertai tinjauan pendapat selama 24 jam semalam, percaya penyiasat persendirian, P. Balasubramaniam bercakap benar dalam akuan berkanun pertamanya, yang ditarik balik sehari selepas ia diumumkan.

Sejumlah 6,418 pembaca Malaysiakini menyertai tinjauan pendapat tersebut (lihat carta). Tinjauan itu mendapati 92 peratus daripada 5,880 pembaca percaya akuan berkanun pertama Balasubramaniam adalah benar. Manakala 86 peratus berpendapat Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak berpakat dengan Mohd Saiful Bukhary Azlan - remaja berusia 23 tahun yang mendakwa diliwat oleh bekas bosnya, Ketua Umum PKR, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Lebih kurang jumlah yang sama - 5,102 atau 80 peratus - menolak andaian yang Anwar sengaja berpakat dengan Saiful untuk membuat tuduhan liwat tersebut - untuk mendapatkan simpati masyarakat. Mereka juga memberi jawapan yang bercampur-campur terhadap soalan siapakah yang "melindungi" Balasubramaniam yang hilang sejak Jumaat lalu.

Kira-kira 40 peratus berkata orang Najib, manakala 25 peratus pembaca berkata mereka tidak tahu. Walaupun pihak polis berkata Balasubramaniam mungkin berada di luar negara, tetapi 54 peratus pembaca berkata penyiasat persendirian itu masih "berada di Malaysia".

TEASER 121: 'CaRTooNKiNi' BY ZuNaR...HeHeHe!!

SoDoMY: "ANWaR TuRNs To SYaRiaH CouRT"....

P/s: Until this video has been posted, there was no sign of an allegedly sodomy case report against Anwar has been received from the police. I wonder, why it takes for so long of releasing the police report and as far as I knew, police report is not a confidential document and it can be collected or read by the accused person as part of the further action to be taken to defence himself from this malicious accusation made by Saiful. Sighhh!!!! Malaysia's polices are damn too slow laaa...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: "THe DaY THe EaRTH STooD STiLL (KeeNu ReeVes'S CooL AcTiON Is BaCK-PReMieRiNG ON DeC, 12th 2008)"....

SYNOPSIS: "The Day the Earth Stood Still" is 20th Century Fox's contemporary reinvention of its 1951 classic. Keanu Reeves portrays Klaatu, an alien whose arrival on our planet triggers a global upheaval. As governments and scientists race to unravel the mystery behind the visitor's appearance, a woman (Jennifer Connelly) and her young stepson get caught up in his mission - and come to understand the ramifications of his being a self-described "friend to the Earth."

P/s: The way that he was acting in this latest film is merely the same in the Constantine (horror flick) and the Matrix Trilogy. He is so cool and always noticeably controlling his 'macho' during acting. I do like his styles and attitudes a lot. I wish I could have his Matrix suit as well….HeHeHe!!!