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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Monday, June 2, 2008

TRaNsFoRMeRs TaKaRa-JaPaN PReMiuM SeRieS BuMBLeBee (MA-21) CLoSe UP PiCTuReS...

P/s: It's quite similar with the Hasbro's Premium Series but if you look closely, there is a much nicer paint job being done as compared to the Hasbro's Premium. The yellow colour seems much shimmer than the Hasbro version. However, I didn't know what are the significant differences and indifferences between those figures in the robot mode. As for me, I'd say that as long as it has the battle mask and tighten joints whilst transformation, it would get enough cheese of having it as your precious collectibles item if those two considerations are taken into account. On top of that, the price is about RM70 which you are got to pay extra RM20 from the normal price due to the facts that it is fully imported from TOMY-TaKaRa Japan. If I'm not mistaken, you can get it at the ShiokToys.com at the Cineplexes, Damansara, Selangor with the price of RM75. But, I'm not really sure whether this figure is still available or not. Anyway, happy hunting guys!!!....HeHeHe!!!