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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Monday, June 23, 2008

TRaNsFoRMeRs ANiMaTeD BuLKHeaD LeaDeR ClaSS: "I GoT THe FiGuRes AnD FeLT No ReMoRSe OF WHaTSoeVeR"...HeHeHe!!

P/s: The slideshow above shows the latest collection of my Transformers Animated toys which is the Bulkhead leader class. As we'll know, Bulkhead is the strongest of all Autobots. Despite his capability of destroying and ripping off Decepticon limbs, he's also can be classified as the most cunning Autobots of all and in fact, he can paints art, plays with the birds, views the earth's nature cautiously and most of the time likes to hang out with Sari (a fun and loveable toddler that always hang up with Bumblebee and Bulkhead)...HeHeHe!!! Anyway, I wasn't gonna take it at the first place during my visit to the toyworkers shop at Subang Square on the last Saturday night, but when I played with the toy sample, I did notice that this figure was quite a playable toy and in fact it has a lot of sound effects and lights which indeed made me quite hard to resist it... HeHeHe!! So, eventually I bought it with some agreement with my wife (she's quite fussy on buying this stuff frequently...HeHeHe!!) and with the best price in town, I'd say that, they were selling me this figure with much lower price than the Hasbro normal price. I've asked James (owner of the shop) on how he got the action figures especially for the Transformers figures with the lowest price all the time, he was just smiling at me at said: "Haiya, wa jual murah pun u tak mo ka?" So, that was the storyline and without further due, I snapped the figure and paid less than RM5 than the usual price. 'OK la tu!!!'...HeHeHe!! Overall, I'd say that this figure is the best figures of all (Transformers Animated toy lines) and no wonder there are lots of Transformers gigs out there searching for this figure seriously with no remorse...