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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

TRaNSFoRMeRs 2 Has OFFiCiaLLY STaRTeD SHoOTiNG ON THe 01st JuNe 2008...

Yesss!!!!...It has officially started on the 01st June 2008 at the Bethelehem Steel factory Pennsylvania. On the scenes, there was a China Town built around the factory steel and I've no idea what are Michael Bay ups too this time. By looking at the pictures from the scenes, there were a lot of Chinese people running around frantically. It seems that something is attacking them and it means 'big'...HeHeHe!! I do really hope a 'huge bad ass robot' like a Blackout is gonna make some hectic situation as much as he has done it during the Soccent attack in Qatar. Besides, there were several helicopters were running around the sky including the Black Hawk and I'd probably think that this sequels could be much dramatic and more scenes of gigantic and massive robots as before (Orci, I do hope what you've mentioned on the earlier post that this TF2 is gonna have 20 robots which are 10 robots at each sides are gonna be true and not some kind of blatant lies).