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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

FReNzY's NeW HeaD CoNFiGuRaTioN APPeaRs DuRiNG TRaNsFoRMeRs 2 FiLMiNG....

P/s: WoWWW!!! Awesome new looks of Frenzy. If you look closer, you'll see his head is dramatically different as compared to the previous looks in the Transformers 1. He has some kind of tentacles and I'd probably presume that if Frenzy seems to be appeared in the scene, does it mean that Barricade is still alive after being torn apart by Optimus Prime during the freeway attack? Frenzy is kinda symbiotic thing that needs a host to live as well as to reorganize the attack against Autobots. Same goes to the Scorponok which he is also symbiotically attached to the Blackout. But, I'm not really sure whether Blackout will be coming back or not since Scorponok is still lurking around the Desert area of Qatar and most probably hiding in places despite the facts that he has injured himself quite badly during the counter attack by the USA Military airplane support unit. Anyway, HeHeHe!!!...Looks like Sam is still encountering the same fears as in his first encountered with the Barricade and the dialogues are pretty much the same in the first movie. Only that it happens to be Frenzy himself which somehow is going to get something by intimidating him to get out from the car....HeHeHe!!