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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Thursday, June 26, 2008


P/s: I've some thought about last night news on 'Buletin Utama TV3' which is regarding on the justification of Dato' Seri Nizar Jamaluddin (MB Perak) against the method of his PK's government on making the direct purchasing of the grocery items (rice and sugar) to the hardcore poor Perak's citizens. Actually, it was the best method of doing so. In fact, the method itself could reduce time and money of waiting the open tender to be advertised, managed, sorted, endorsed and implemented. The anger of the certain BN's assemblymen especially Tajol Rosli (Ex-Perak's MB) against the method of PK's distributing goods without using the open tender system were totally can't be accepted despite the facts that these hardcore poor people's are needing the vital substances in urgency and they are the one who have no ability whatsoever to work or to cope with the risen of the fuel prices and other chain reaction items that affected by the soaring.

It was such a humiliated scene to see the BN's assemblymen rose from the chair and commented the Nizar's justification rudely by saying: "Kenape pulak nak beli terus, mereka nie bukannya dikategorikan sebagai mangsa banjir dan bencana alam untuk bagi cepat-cepat bantuan". I'd like to ask the question to Tajol: "How do you find these peoples aren't not supposedly of getting the goods in urgency? Why makes it so difficult of buying these goods to the poorest peoples? You've a lot of options to facilitate the goods. Why does your previous state government can make a direct purchase for the stationary items without undergo rigorous procedures of open tender system? Is it because of the 'mark-up' done by their own cronies that could 'give back' into your personal account?"

I really, really, really feel ashamed with your acts and attitudes towards 'rakyat' feeling. You're not supposed to be our representatives (wakil rakyat). In fact, you've lost the feel of 'rakyat'. Now, you can imagine how on earth they (previous BN's assemblymen) had done it 'sincerely' on distributing, sorting, managing etc. the funds or allocations to helping the poorest peoples in their own represented areas. Moreover, I now already knew why nowadays Malaysian peoples especially the youngsters are rejecting BN because of their arrogant and selfishness against the 'rakyat' will.