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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Monday, May 26, 2008

TRaNsFORMeRs OPTiMuS PRiMe (MA-21): PReMiuM SeRieS-TaKaRa JaPaN VeRsiON PaRT 1...

P/s: These are the special pictures of the Optimus Prime Premium Series-Takara TOMY version which is only available in Japan. The paint jobs are way better than the normal version of the Hasbro premium series with some chrome touch up at the front grill and with some custom paint of the energy sword as well. Indeed, you'll see that the head is also being painted with some metallic silver paint at the left and right sides of the head. You'll have to pre-order from the underground shop despite the facts that these figures are fully imported from Japan and it's not being made by the Hasbro-China production line. So, these exclusive figures would be probably being sold with the price of RM230++. Quite expensive but worth of buying it...HeHeHe!!