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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Saturday, May 24, 2008

TRaNsFoRMeRs ANiMaTeD: "I THiNK THaT I'M THe FiRsT ONe To HaVe THeSe OFFiCiaL ACTiON FiGuRes IN MalaYSia"...HeHeHe!!

P/s: Thanks to Sam and James from the Toy-Workers for telling me earlier that you're going to have a presale of the Transformers Animated action figures Wave 1. This means that these action figures have landed to Malaysia officially and I think that Hasbro Malaysia is on the move of distributing these figures as quick as lightning (very, very hot stuff)...HeHeHe!! As for the anticipation of having these figures, I accidentally bought 3 of them (the Deluxe Class) which are the Cybertronian Mode Optimus Prime (1 unit) and Bumblebee (2 unit). 'Alhamdulilah' they gave me the normal price and 1 of the bumblebee I wish to give it to my niece 'uyul'. Lately, she always persuades me of giving her one of my Transformers toys and she always wanted the 'yellow vehicle' one...HeHeHe!! I guess that she might have aimed it for quite some time just because of my toys were displayed openly in the room...HaHaHa!! 'Takpela, kalu uyul makan nasi, Pak Lang bagi la mainan tu'...OK guys, if you happen to be in Subang Jaya and wanted to have these hot stuffs with the best price in town, do hunt it at the Toy-Workers Shop located at the Subang Jaya Square (just beside the Taylor's College Building). Happy hunting!!...(Disclaimer: I've nothing to do with company profit taking or to be their solely agent of promoting their goods...HeHeHe!!)