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Thursday, May 22, 2008

EZaM To ReJoiN UMNO...

Former PKR Youth leader Ezam Mohd Nor will be rejoining Umno after receiving the green light from the top Umno leadership. He will also cease to head the anti-corruption NGO, Gerak, from June 1 in preparation for his return to Umno. Mohd Nazree Yunus has been named to take over as chairman of Gerak. Sources said he has met both the Umno president as well as deputy president for discussions in connection with his move.

His return to Umno is expected to be announced soon and will be seen as a blow to PKR. Ezam, 40, was a rising star in Umno when he chose to follow Datuk Seri Anwar Irahim out of Umno after the latter’s sacking in 1998. He was then Anwar’s political secretary and had also gone to jail under the ISA and OSA. He resigned from PKR last year after an internal power struggle with PKR vice-president Azmin Ali. At the time of his resignation, he criticised Anwar for his “dictatorial politics” and accused Azmin of being “a schemer who dominates Anwar.”

Ezam has since concentrated on Gerak which is aimed at promoting a corruption-free culture, free media and independent judiciary. There is some speculation about his future role in Umno including the possibility of appointing him a Senator. But the source said that he was content to be an ordinary member for a start. Sources said the timing for his rejoining Umno could not be better given the Government’s initiative to strengthen judicial independence and the anti-corruption legislation - THe STaR ONLiNe

P/s: I don't see the returning of Ezam into UMNO will make any differences. According to my father-in-law, he is still backing his former boss (Anwar) and the only reason he wasn't interested anymore into the political area was to manage Anwar's business company at the Indonesia. That was the source which I've got from unofficial sources. If it is not to drastic to presume, I think that Anwar is planning something with the UMNO by 'approving' his invisible man (Ezam) to penetrate into UMNO and start reshuffling within the UMNO main trackline to eliminate 'cancer' or should I quoted from Dr. Mahathir 'gangrene' that has broaden into UMNO's each of everyone political minds. It is not an impossible move but it will take some time to 'cure'...Who knows!!!