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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


P/s: This film will be splitted into two parts. How can you imagine for about 700+ pages written by J. K. Rowling are gonna be crumpled into 2 hours movie timeline? Ridiculous I might say!!...Anyway, the film will be released on the 10th November 2010...HeHeHe!! I really hope that it does not gonna be a 'one-character-show' anymore for the latest instalment. To David Yates, although you are still directing the new movie line until the end of the chapter (the half blood prince), hopefully that you'll take some notes of directing the scenes seriously. Don't just discard the main characters that have been appeared since the 1st chapter e.g.: Ron Wisley, Hermione and etc. Actually, they have big influences on making this film sequel successful. Make it as balance as possible in term of the main characters role and number of appearances in the scene.