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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

TRaNsFoRMeRs PReMiuM SeRies BLaCKouT CLoSe UP PiCTuReS...

P/s: These are the close up pictures of the new Transformers Premium Series Voyager Class Blackout which happen to be the most detail figure of all classes so far. It has officially landed on Malaysia for the last two weeks and it has already snapped by the Transformers gigs in just a few hours after being displayed at the Toy's R Us Mid Valley Megamall...HeHeHe!! I've been told by one of the staff that a few Chinese guys have already opened the boxes at the store room without any authorization from the store Manager. They snatched a lot of hot stuffs such Premium Series Barricade, Jazz, Blackout, Ironhide and maybe Bumblebee. They acted like some kind of Gangsters until one of the top managers has to interfere and asked them not to do that again without any authorization. They have the intention to buy the stuffs but the way they acted can't be accepted at all. They knew these stuffs could be sold more than the normal price. They knew that they could get double from the price. I hope that the management has taken pre-emptive measurement in order to verify these irresponsible acts soon before somebody could get hurt...HeHeHe!! (Tengah-tengah dok carik kotak tu, ade lak orang lain nampak and nak jugak...bergaduhh jadinye!!) OK! Enough of that....For those who are still searching for it, I'd like to suggest by going to the Alamanda Putrajaya Megamall whereby there are most probably being distributed at the Carrefour Hypermarket or at the Parkson (Toy's R Us is located inside the Parkson). Success rate of getting the toys could be high (90%) because of the location of this megamall is quite outskirt from the Klang Valley. Do hunt for it before it's gone again guys...HeHeHe!!...The price would be RM99.90 which is much the same with the normal price although a lot of extraordinary changes have been made to the figure (at first I thought that the price would be much higher than the previous price).