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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

IRoN MaN STaRTs ToDaY-AWeSoMe AcTioN FLiCK!!...

P/s: Yup guys...It starts today and I'm definitely gonna make my move today to watch this awesome superhero movie. I'd say that it'll be going to be a total disastrous and mind blowing action film!!...HeHeHe!! Ok, do read on this review to know more about the film. I got it from The Star Online movie review section by David Arul.

BEHIND every great superhero, there stands …a man. Just a plain old guy, without the “Spider” or “Iron” or “Power” or “Bat” prefix. A man with his attendant hang-ups, character faults, troubles, brashness and/or arrogance, and conceits, which rise above them to be something greater than the negative sum of his flaws, to embody the selfless nobility with which the comic-book medium’s writers just love to imbue their creations. Seldom has the man behind the hero been brought to big-screen life more winningly on the first try than in Iron Man, a great big gamble of a film which fires on all cylinders and gets almost every rivet firmly into the right place. Robert Downey Jr’s interpretation of genius inventor and billionaire industrialist Tony Stark is so good, in fact, that you can even overlook for two glorious hours, how utterly unlikable the character has become in the comics.

The movie Tony Stark is nothing like the fascistic, authoritarian, hard-hearted bastard that readers of current comic-book storylines are being forced to endure. (Though there’s still a chance the comic Stark may turn out to be an impostor, an evil, shape-shifting alien known as a Skrull; we can hope.) Downey milks the billionaire playboy aspect of the character for all the humour, charm and yes, even warmth you could wring from the role. Amazingly, he makes Stark a guy you can like, even with all the character’s excesses and flippancy, and that’s no mean feat. It’s precisely because this Man is so well drawn on-screen that when he puts on the Iron, the hero really comes to life.

Though it must be noted that the kudos have to be shared out among the cast, from the major supporting players like Paltrow, Bridges and Howard to the minor ones like Stanley Toub as Yinsen, the man who saves Stark’s life; and Faran Tahir, so Colonel Kurtz-like as the terrorist Raza. And, even though the origin story takes up a sizable chunk of the movie (only to be expected, considering the armour goes through two major upgrades), things never get dull thanks to the well-written and acted roles, and the corporate/military intrigue surrounding Stark Industries.

About the only major slight criticism I had was with the finale, which actually lived down to my expectations. Face it, ever since Robocop 2, the idea of a large man-machine slugging it out with a smaller man-machine hasn’t exactly been a thrilling proposition (two words: Robocop 2). I figured the finale wouldn’t be as gosh-wow-inducing as what went before, and alas, it is indeed so. But the engaging characters, director Favreau’s infectious celebration of the Iron Man chic-mystique and Downey firmly in the driver’s seat gives this iron more glitter than gold.