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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

TRaNsFoRMeRs PReMiuM MoViE DeLuXe AuToBoT JaZZ ReVieW...

TRaNsFoRMeRs PReMiuM MoViE DeLuXe BuMBLeBee ReVieW...

P/s: I'm starting to get pissed off with Hasbro Malaysia. You know why? Because they're too clumsy and sluggish of taking and distributing the orders of the Transformers Premium Series toys. Some of the Premium Series toys like a leader class Optimus Prime and Megatron were abundantly distributed in all over Toy's R Us outlets in Malaysia. Next time, they should ensure that all sorts of toys especially from the most anticipated Premium Series toys should be brought in line with the other classes. Don't just bring specific toys only and then you'll have to wait for the next 3-4 months to get the next toys class. They should aware that despite of their sluggishness, there are peoples who're trying to make extra money by selling the toys with the unreasonable price as compared to the normal market price itself. I know that they've linked with their business counterpart at China and Hong Kong. They can even get the toys with the price much lower than the normal market price despite the facts that these ultra transformable toys were made at the country which pays the lowest working salary in the world (China). So, you can surely imagine that the toys can be obtained easily rather than waiting the company itself (Hasbro) to distribute all over the world. Then, they sold the goods in Malaysia with the price that you'll have to think twice before deciding to buy it. Sigghhhhhh!!!!...Damn that shop owners...HeHeHe!!

TEASER 65: MeGa MoVeR NeeDeD...HeHeHe!!...

IRoN MaN STaRTs ToDaY-AWeSoMe AcTioN FLiCK!!...

P/s: Yup guys...It starts today and I'm definitely gonna make my move today to watch this awesome superhero movie. I'd say that it'll be going to be a total disastrous and mind blowing action film!!...HeHeHe!! Ok, do read on this review to know more about the film. I got it from The Star Online movie review section by David Arul.

BEHIND every great superhero, there stands …a man. Just a plain old guy, without the “Spider” or “Iron” or “Power” or “Bat” prefix. A man with his attendant hang-ups, character faults, troubles, brashness and/or arrogance, and conceits, which rise above them to be something greater than the negative sum of his flaws, to embody the selfless nobility with which the comic-book medium’s writers just love to imbue their creations. Seldom has the man behind the hero been brought to big-screen life more winningly on the first try than in Iron Man, a great big gamble of a film which fires on all cylinders and gets almost every rivet firmly into the right place. Robert Downey Jr’s interpretation of genius inventor and billionaire industrialist Tony Stark is so good, in fact, that you can even overlook for two glorious hours, how utterly unlikable the character has become in the comics.

The movie Tony Stark is nothing like the fascistic, authoritarian, hard-hearted bastard that readers of current comic-book storylines are being forced to endure. (Though there’s still a chance the comic Stark may turn out to be an impostor, an evil, shape-shifting alien known as a Skrull; we can hope.) Downey milks the billionaire playboy aspect of the character for all the humour, charm and yes, even warmth you could wring from the role. Amazingly, he makes Stark a guy you can like, even with all the character’s excesses and flippancy, and that’s no mean feat. It’s precisely because this Man is so well drawn on-screen that when he puts on the Iron, the hero really comes to life.

Though it must be noted that the kudos have to be shared out among the cast, from the major supporting players like Paltrow, Bridges and Howard to the minor ones like Stanley Toub as Yinsen, the man who saves Stark’s life; and Faran Tahir, so Colonel Kurtz-like as the terrorist Raza. And, even though the origin story takes up a sizable chunk of the movie (only to be expected, considering the armour goes through two major upgrades), things never get dull thanks to the well-written and acted roles, and the corporate/military intrigue surrounding Stark Industries.

About the only major slight criticism I had was with the finale, which actually lived down to my expectations. Face it, ever since Robocop 2, the idea of a large man-machine slugging it out with a smaller man-machine hasn’t exactly been a thrilling proposition (two words: Robocop 2). I figured the finale wouldn’t be as gosh-wow-inducing as what went before, and alas, it is indeed so. But the engaging characters, director Favreau’s infectious celebration of the Iron Man chic-mystique and Downey firmly in the driver’s seat gives this iron more glitter than gold.

WeLCoMe BaCK DaTo' SeRi AnWaR IBRaHiM...

P/s: The 1st parliamentary assembly has been officiated by DYMM yesterday. Spouses were joining the ceremony including Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim who appeared to accompany his wife and daughter for the historical ceremony where family ties MPs were seems to be the most talk about during the whole ceremonial day.

Monday, April 28, 2008

F1: SPaNiSH 2008-KiMi Has DoNe IT AGaIN...

Defending drivers world champion Kimi Raikkonen extended his lead in this year's title race to nine points yesterday when he drove to a comfortable victory in an incident-filled Spanish Grand Prix. The Finn, driving a Ferrari, led from start to finish, bar the pit stops, to dominate the contest and consolidate his and his team's position as the in-form outfit after four races this season. Raikkonen's win was his 17th in a career often beset by bad luck in earlier times and endorsed the wideheld feeling that he has happier at Ferrari and in the form of his life.

His Ferrari team-mate Brazilian Felipe Massa drove a solid race to finish second, after starting third on the grid, ahead of Briton Lewis Hamilton in a McLaren-Mercedes. But Hamilton's team-mate Finn Heikki Kovalainen produced the day's most spectacular and worrying moment when his car suffered a front-left puncture at 240kph. He lost control and flew off the track into a tyre barrier. It took five minutes to pull his car clear and lift him out on to a stretcher, but he was later declared to be uninjured and stable after being taken to the medical centre - though he was flown to a local hospital as a precautionary measure.

Poland's Robert Kubica continued his fine form by finishing fourth for BMW Sauber ahead of Australian Mark Webber in a Red Bull and Briton Jenson Button in a Honda. Japanese Kazuki Nakajima finished seventh for Williams and Italian Jarno Trulli ninth for Toyota. Home hero Fernando Alonso of Spain was forced to retire in his Renault after blowing the engine. He started an unexpected second on the grid, but failed to match that in front of a crowd of more than 115,000 spectators at the Circuit de Catalunya.

Raikkonen made a fast, clean start to take the lead from his 15th pole position and first this year. Behind him, his Ferrari team-mate Massa went left and wide to pass Alonso on the outside as they swept towards the first corner. The big sun-bathed crowd of 115,000 spectators crowded into the Circuit de Catlunya gasped in disappointment, but there was nothing that Spain's double world champion could do to prevent the Brazilian passing him with sheer speed. Hamilton, starting fifth, took advantage of the cars swerving in front of him to spear down the inside of Kubica and, after almost running off the circuit, to squeeze ahead of him on the inside of turn one. For both men, their aggression paid off.

On the same lap, the opening one, however, there was drama when German Adrian Sutil spun and then hit his compatriot Sebastian Vettel, the Force India car smacking the Toro Rosso with enough force to wreck both of their races. This brought out the Safety Car for two laps before Raikkonen began his charge again, opening up a clear 2.7 seconds lead by lap 10 ahead of Massa as the two Ferraris ran away at the front. Another accident on lap eight ended the hopes of both Nelson Piquet and Sebastien Bourdais, the Brazilian driving his Renault into the second Toro Rosso when he attempted an outrageously ambitious passing move down the inside. The Frenchman retired with a shrug and soon afterwards was joined by Briton Anthony Davidson who abandoned the race in his Super Aguri car. For the cash-starved Honda-supported team, it was a minor catastrophe in a season of worry - they do not know if they will survive for more than another week. - AFP

TEASER 62: IT's A 'DuRiaN LiFe'...HeHeHe!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

TEASER 61: 'CaRTooNKiNi' BY ZuNaR...HeHeHe!!

PTPTN: ReDuCiNG THe 3% INTeReST RaTe?...

Perbadanan Tabung Pendidikan Tinggi Nasional (PTPTN) diarah mengkaji semula kadar caj perkhidmatan tiga peratus yang kini dikenakan kepada semua peminjamnya bagi mengurangkan beban mereka membayar balik pinjaman itu. Arahan itu dibuat selepas isu caj perkhidmatan PTPTN dibangkitkan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Seri Mohamed Khaled Nordin, dalam mesyuarat kementerian baru-baru ini berikutan banyak rungutan yang diterima mengenainya. Timbalan Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Idris Haron, berkata Mohamed Khalid sudah mengarahkan supaya PTPTN membuat kajian mengenai caj perkhidmatan itu dengan tujuan memberi keselesaan kepada peminjam. “Arahan itu dibuat selepas beliau meneliti pelbagai rungutan berkaitan isu berkenaan yang disampaikan banyak pihak termasuk pelajar dan ibu bapa,” katanya selepas merasmikan Forum Rangkaian Universiti Teknikal Malaysia (MTUN) Bersama Industri, di sini, semalam. Program sehari ini dihadiri kira-kira 150 peserta dari empat universiti teknikal, iaitu Universiti Teknikal Melaka Malaysia (UTeM), Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (UTHM), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP) dan Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP).

Bagaimanapun, Idris enggan mengulas jika arahan itu termasuk meminta PTPTN supaya mengurangkan caj perkhidmatan itu yang dianggap membebankan peminjam, sebaliknya meminta semua pihak menunggu hasil kajian berkenaan. Beliau menegaskan, caj perkhidmatan tiga peratus yang kini dikenakan PTPTN bukan bertujuan membebankan peminjam khususnya pelajar yang baru menamatkan pengajian, sebaliknya diwujudkan bagi membiayai pengurusan PTPTN supaya ia dapat beroperasi dengan lancar. Katanya, peminjam harus sedar wang yang digunakan untuk membiayai mereka sepanjang tempoh pengajian diperoleh daripada sumber kewangan lain yang turut mengenakan pelbagai caj kepada kerajaan pada kadar yang jauh lebih tinggi. “Namun, kerajaan bersikap prihatin kerana sanggup menyerap hampir semua kos yang tinggi itu dan hanya mengenakan tiga peratus caj perkhidmatan bagi memastikan semua peminjam PTPTN tidak perlu menanggung beban.

“Caj perkhidmatan yang dikenakan PTPTN itu sebenarnya lebih menjurus kepada komitmen bagimemastikan dana daripada tabung berkenaan dapat terus disalurkan, sekali gus memastikan ia berjalan lancar,” katanya. Idris yang juga Exco Pemuda Umno turut menegur segelintir peminjam PTPTN yang masih berdegil dan enggan membuat pembayaran balik walaupun selepas beberapa kali diberi notis peringatan, selepas menamatkan pengajian dan bekerja. “Mereka perlu sedar, bayaran balik mesti dibuat untuk menjamin kesinambungan PTPTN. Kalau enggan bayar balik, ia boleh diibaratkan seperti menganiaya adik atau anak sendiri yang nanti mungkin tidak mendapat pinjaman kerana tabung itu kehabisan dana,” katanya. Pada 19 April lalu, akhbar ini melaporkan kira-kira 17,500 peminjam PTPTN akan diheret ke mahkamah secara berperingkat dalam tempoh terdekat kerana gagal memberi maklum balas kepada agensi itu berhubung notis tuntutan diserahkan kepada mereka sejak 1997.

Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif PTPTN, Yunos Abdul Ghani, dilaporkan berkata nama 14,000 daripada mereka sudah diserahkan ke Jabatan Imigresen dan berkuat kuasa serta-merta mereka dihalang ke luar negara, manakala nasib 3,500 individu masih belum diputuskan di mahkamah. Januari lalu, PTPTN juga sudah menghantar senarai nama 200,000 peminjamnya yang ingkar membayar balik pinjaman kepada Jabatan Imigresen bagi menghalang mereka ke luar negara, termasuk untuk mengerjakan haji atau umrah. PTPTN berkata, tindakan tegas menyenaraihitamkan nama serta mengambil tindakan mahkamah terhadap peminjam itu terpaksa diambil selepas mereka berdegil dan bersikap acuh tak acuh dalam soal pembayaran balik pinjaman. - BeRiTa HaRiaN

P/s: I really hope that they've the sincerity of reducing this administration charge which has burdened a lot of borrowers especially for the Malays student for the last 10 years. I'd like to thanks to MARA for giving me the opportunity of loaning me some amounts of money in which then became a reversible loan scheme which is a 100% loan to just pay for about 1% of the total loan amount...

TEASER 60: IT's A 'DuRiaN LiFe'...HeHeHe!!

ANWaR: "We HaVe THe NuMBeR, HoWeVeR, We’Re In No RusH To RePLaCe BaRiSaN...

The Opposition coalition of Pakatan Rakyat is in a position to form the federal government and it will be done no later than Malaysia Day which falls on Sept 16, claimed Parti Keadilan Rakyat adviser Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. Repeating that they have the numbers and were in no rush to replace Barisan Nasional, the former deputy prime minister said yesterday that it would all be in the timing of the announcement.

“God willing, we will be there. If not next month, the following month, then if not June or July, (it will be) on Merdeka (Aug 31) or Malaysia Day. I think we should not go beyond that,” he told reporters on arrival in Sabah. As to when exactly the announcement will be made, Anwar said discussions with the Pakatan parties were needed because Umno and Barisan were known to be rough on those intending to move. “They are using threats and intimidation. I am for example being monitored more closely now,” said Anwar, adding that he would not be discussing with the Barisan MPs interested to move while he was in Sabah and Sarawak.

He said he has his way of discussing with Barisan MPs who have given their commitment to team up with Pakatan. “My discussions could be done in Singapore, Abu Dhabi and Hong Kong although it might sound like a joke,” added Anwar, who thanked the Barisan MPs for their commitment to cross over. He said Pakatan was ready to take in political parties from Barisan if they subscribed to the Opposition coalition agenda for the country. On Chief Minister Datuk Musa Aman’s claim that all state leaders were loyal to Barisan, Anwar said: “He (Musa) must know that he does not have all the members he claims to hold now.

If he wants to know, I can meet him privately and tell him.” He said Sabah and Sarawak MPs were keeping the Barisan afloat but were saddened that they were not given due recognition by Umno, which was dictating terms from Kuala Lumpur. Anwar said he was not making offers of any monetary kind or of personal positions for anyone crossing over as claimed by Barisan but was here to assure PKR’s commitment to Sabahans in addressing issues ranging from higher royalty to problems of illegal immigrants. Anwar later spoke to a gathering at a ceramah held at the Hongkod Koissan cultural hall here and is scheduled to fly to Sarawak today. - THe STaR

EXCLuSiVe TRaNsFoRmeRs PReMiuM MoVie DeLuXe BaRRiCaDe ReVieW...

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

NiK AZiZ BaCKs MoDeRn PiG FaRM FoR SeLaNGoR...

PAS spiritual leader Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat has expressed support for the proposed high-tech pig farm in Selangor provided it does not contaminate the environment. He said there was no reason to raise objections against the proposal if the company managing the farm was able to follow the guidelines set by the Department of Environment. “We support so long as the farm does not contaminate the environment, and non-Muslims have the right to breed pigs,” Nik Aziz said here Monday. He was asked to comment on a decision by the Pakatan Rakyat government in Selangor to allow a company to open a RM100mil modern pig farm in Tumbuk Estate, Sepang. As for Kelantan, Nik Aziz, who is Mentri Besar, said the state would not allow the setting up of pig farms on a commercial scale. “The backyard breeding of pigs by non-Muslims is adequate,” he said. - BeRNaMa

Dr MaHaTHiR: I’M ReaDY To Be PRoBeD...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad is prepared to be investigated by a full and formal public inquiry if Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim were to become the Prime Minister. However, the former premier said he hoped that those who sit on the board of inquiry would be neutral, impartial and probably foreigners. “He’s (Anwar’s) welcome to do that if he becomes the Prime Minister of Malaysia, but if he wins members of the ruling party to his side it is the present leader who should be blamed because he can’t even get the loyalty of his own members,” he said during a 30-minute interview on the BBC World News HARDtalk programme with Stephen Sackur. He was asked to respond to Anwar’s statement that he would call for a full and public inquiry into Dr Mahathir’s misdeeds if Anwar were to become the Prime Minister.

Asked whether he was ready to express regret over what he did to Anwar now that he has retired for several years, Dr Mahathir said: “Why should I regret? He was arrested under the laws of the country. He was tried in the courts of the country. Sentenced by court. If he was not wrong, no matter what you think about our judiciary, I don’t think he would have been sent to prison.”

On Anwar saying that he would push politics that were not racially defined, Dr Mahathir said that it was opportunism for Anwar, who was now out of the government but never did anything when he was in the government. Asked about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s conciliatory gesture of offering monetary compensation to judges who were suspended during the 1988 judicial crisis, he said: “Fine, but it’s a political strategy by a man who is very unpopular at the moment wanting to show that he’s going to do something right.” “Nobody can say anything against him. Newspapers report about how great he is. His own supporters misled him into believing that if he holds elections before the end of his term, he would win a clean sweep. If you look at the record of his statements, he said he would win with zero opposition.”

On claims that his criticisms against Abdullah over the last few years had brought his successor down, he said: “I don’t see why I should not criticise wrongdoings by him.” On why he picked Abdullah to replace him as Prime Minister, he said Abdullah was known as “Mr Clean”. To a question about some of those with Umno blaming Dr Mahathir for tearing down the party, he said that sometimes it might be necessary to do so. “I’m a doctor; if one leg is becoming gangrenous I remove it,” he said. - THe STaR

Monday, April 21, 2008

DR. M: NaJiB SHoULDn'T Be PM...

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said he had second thoughts about Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak becoming Prime Minister as Najib had failed to speak up about the real reasons behind Barisan Nasional’s losses in the general election. The former prime minister claimed that Najib was not “brave enough” to directly say anything that was not liked by his boss. “We see that he is a penakut (coward). He is always saying, ‘yes sir, yes sir, saya sokong, saya sokong (I support, I support).” He said, when the prime minister blamed Barisan’s losses on sabotage, Najib merely agreed to it.

Dr Mahathir cited another instance when Najib gave his full support for Malaysia to build a bridge to Singapore despite the republic’s disagreement. But Najib suddenly changed his mind when Abdullah decided against the project, he added. “I believe he should rightly explain the real reasons for Barisan’s losses in the election,” he said when asked on the reason for his change of mind about Najib after giving a talk on “Malay, Malaysian and Malaysia: Challenges Ahead” at the University of Manchester on Saturday.

Dr Mahathir had earlier this month withdrawn his support for Najib to be prime minister but did not give his reason for doing so. “I’m not so confident (about him taking over as prime minister). Even so, it all depends on Umno to appoint the person to be prime minister. “Najib will have to face competition from others such as (Tan Sri) Muhyiddin Yassin, (Datuk Seri Dr) Rais Yatim, you never know.” He, however, said if Abdullah were to step down now, it would pave the way for a smooth transition as Najib would succeed him in accordance with Umno tradition. Dr Mahathir also felt that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would not be the sole candidate for Prime Minister if Pakatan Rakyat were to win in the next general election.

He believed there were other candidates as well, saying PAS was eyeing the post while (DAP’s Lim) Guan Eng could be premier too. “Anwar thinks he will be prime minister. It’s not that they loved him but it’s a marriage of convenience,” he added. On the plan to set up a judicial appointments commission and the goodwill ex-gratia payments to six senior judges, Dr Mahathir claimed it was a political move to boost the government’s popularity.

He said there was no reason for the compensation because everything was done in accordance with the law. “If they can show me the removal of (former Lord President) Tun Salleh Abas was against procedures prescribed by the law, please let me know,” he said. - THe STaR

Sunday, April 20, 2008


P/s: Thanks to Mat Rapi for the pictures of the new Proton Perdana facelift. I'm a bit sceptical about the way of the chasis being design. It looks like a Nissan Cefiro from the side view. However, if you look closely on the front view it seems to me like a Mercedes Benz E-Class facelift. For the rear light, it is likely to be a Hyundai Sonata. Mmmm...I’m positively thinking that they (Proton’s Design Engineers) are surely able to design something that more authentic rather than combining other's car design and lastly claiming that they have produced state-of-the-art own design. Sighh!! Come on la you guys...HeHe!! Start designing new concept car...

TEASER 59: BLaMinG THe G-FoRce? I DoN'T THiNK Soo...HaHaHa!!


Umno supreme council member Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Khir Toyo has urged the Prime Minister to hasten the power transition plan or risk pulling down the Deputy Prime Minister with him. “Previously, I had written about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi needing to execute an exit plan as urged by many quarters, including Umno Johor.” said Dr Khir.

“The transition does not seem to be happening anytime soon, creating a few possible scenarios one of them being the loss of public confidence in Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.” said Dr Khir in his blog in an April 19 posting. This is a likely scenario predicted by Dr Khir if Abdullah remains as the Prime Minister and Umno president until the party elections this December. Dr Khir believed PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim would attempt an entry into Parliament via a by-election planned some time before the second parliament.

“Bandar Tun Razak is most likely to be the chosen constituency. Incumbent Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim will make way because he has been made the Selangor Mentri Besar. “As a tradition, Najib will head the Barisan Nasional election machinery. If Pak Lah continues as the number one, morale among Barisan Nasional and Umno members will be at a very low level, making it difficult for Barisan to win,” said Dr Khir.

However, if Abdullah transferred leadership to Najib now, Dr Khir said it would boost public confidence in Barisan, as well as allow Najib to make changes in the Cabinet and party. Having Najib at the helm, added Dr Khir, would reduce Anwar’s chances of victory in the by-election, because the public would be willing to give Najib time to make changes. On another scenario - that the opposition coalition would move a motion of no-confidence against Abdullah at the coming Parliament session - Dr Khir said it was unlikely as Anwar wanted to see Pak Lah remain in power and weaken Umno - THe STaR

Saturday, April 19, 2008

TRaNsFoRMeRs PReMiuM MoVie LeaDeR MeGaTRoN ReVieW...

P/s: Wicked sound came out once you pull down the switch on top of the Megatron Cybertronian vehicles mode...HeHeHe!! The sound seems to be as same as the sound come out from the 'Jipper-Crippers the movie' creature. Woooo, spooky sound!! I won't dare to open it up in the middle of the night...HeHeHe!!. Anyway, cool transformation but lack of lighting especially on his eyes...

TRaNsFoRMeRs PReMiuM MoViE DeeP SPaCe STaRScReaM ReVieW...

P/s: Awesome new silver colours scheme though it has the same configuration mode with the old one. Nice red and dark grey colour at the chest and wings pad respectively plus with the additional wording imprinted on top of the small back wings pad. Overall, I'd say 9/10. Cool stuff to buy and definitely I'd like to have but it seems that this special edition metallic Starscream could only be found at Target retailer (US). If it is happens to be in Malaysia, I'd probably say that the price would be more than the normal price (>RM 99.90)...HuHuHu!!!


P/s: Do watch the video below on how to transform the premium OP from truck mode to robot mode. Awesome dude...HeHeHe!!

TEASER 58: IT's A 'DuRiaN LiFe'...HeHeHe!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

'CUePaCs CaDanG KuRSuS GanTi PePeRiKSaaN PTK'...

PUTRAJAYA: Cuepacs hari ini mencadangkan kaedah peperiksaan bagi Penilaian Tahap Kecekapan (PTK) kakitangan awam digantikan dengan kursus. Presidennya, Omar Osman, berkata kursus selama dua atau tiga hari boleh memastikan sistem penilaian lebih telus dan berkesan. Beliau berkata Cuepacs juga mencadangkan kakitangan awam diberi kelonggaran untuk membawa buku rujukan dan buku peraturan bagi memudahkan mereka membuat rujukan ketika dinilai semasa berkursus tanpa perlu menghafal.

"Cadangan itu sudah dikemukakan kepada Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) hari ini", katanya kepada pemberita di sini. Beliau berkata, JPA pada dasarnya bersetuju dengan cadangan itu tetapi perlu menerima maklum balas daripada semua agensi kerajaan sebelum ia dapat dilaksanakan. Semalam, dalam pertemuan antara Cuepacs dengan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di Pejabat Perdana Menteri di sini, antara lain, kerajaan pada dasarnya bersetuju kaedah peperiksaan PTK diubah - Bernama

P/s: At last, they agreed to demolish the PTK. I really hope that it is not another irrelevant scheme that could make civil servant life becoming more miserable as compared to the previous scheme. Wise decision at the appropriate time...

TEASER 57: IT's A 'DuRiaN LiFe'...HeHeHe!!

FiNaLLY, THe X-FiLeS 2: 'I WaNT To BeLieVe' WiLL Be CoMiNG To THe BiG SCReeN...

It was untitled for months but finally, creator Chris Carter revealed yesterday that the new X-Files movie will be The X-Files: I Want To Believe. "It's a natural title," Chris told The Associated Press. "It's a story that involves the difficulties in mediating faith and science. 'I Want To Believe'. It really does suggest Mulder's struggle with his faith."

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson reprise their roles of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully. The movie also features Xzibit, Amanda Peet and Billy Connolly. But folks from the film are tight-lipped about the storyline. All anyone knows is that it is a stand-alone story and the focus will not be on the show's convoluted alien mythology. The idea is to draw in a new audience and keep fans of the series happy too.

The local release date for this highly-anticipated sequel is 31 July. It's almost hard to believe that this movie will open 10 years after the first X-Files film was released and six years after the TV series ended. We can hardly wait!


TEASER 56: IT Was Sooo 'KLiSe'...HeHeHe!!

GooD NeWs FoR CiViL SerVaNT...

The Government has agreed to five of the six demands by Cuepacs, including extending the retirement age for civil servants from 56 years to 60, and the scrapping of the efficiency level assessment (PTK) examination. However, there will be no RM2,000 honorarium payment in lieu of bonuses for last year. Cuepacs president Omar Osman said that in a 45-minute meeting with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi at his office here yesterday, the Government had agreed to all its demands except the honorarium.

“The Prime Minister explained that should the Government give out the honorarium, it may spur another round of price increases, like what happened last year when we received our salary revision. “We agreed that we should sacrifice this demand as we also don’t want certain parties to take advantage by increasing the prices of goods,” he said, adding that Cuepacs was mindful that prices of certain goods such as flour, bread and rice had also been increasing recently. However, Omar said the Government had agreed to the other demands - the extension of the retirement age, reinstatement of critical and housing allowances, pension payment to be based on one’s actual years of service and the scrapping of the PTK exam.

“The Prime Minister will make the announcement soon,” he said, describing the outcome of the meeting as “positive”. “Cuepacs is relieved the Government has agreed to all of the above,” he said, adding that the Public Service Department (PSD) would brief Cuepacs today on the new method of evaluation for PTK. The PTK, which has become a bone of contention among the 1.2 million civil servants, was introduced in 2002 when the Malaysian Remuneration System replaced the New Remuneration System. Passing the PTK exam was used as a basis for promotion in the civil service.

Besides Cuepacs and Abdullah, others present at the meeting included Chief Secretary to the Government Tan Sri Mohd Sidek Hassan, PSD director-general Tan Sri Ismail Adam and Finance Ministry secretary-general Datuk Dr Wan Abd Aziz Wan Abdullah.Asked if this meant that Cuepacs would not be boycotting the Workers Day event on May 3, Omar said the main exco of the civil servants umbrella group was happy with the results of the meeting. “However, we still have to bring the matter of boycotting the event to our members to decide tomorrow afternoon (today),” he said. Meanwhile, the Malaysian Trades Union Congress (MTUC) felt that the extension of the civil servants’ retirement age to 60 should have been implemented much earlier.

Its president Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud said this had been MTUC’s request for more than two years. He said Abdullah “was not sensitive enough to MTUC’s requests” previously. “If we compare ourselves to our neighbouring countries such as Singapore, India, the Philippines and others, we are in fact behind them in this aspect. “The retirement ages in these countries are from 60 to 65, and we are only now extending it to 60,” he said. National Union of the Teaching Profession (NUTP) secretary-general Lok Yim Pheng said the union was pleased that the Government had agreed to five of the six demands by Cuepacs. “There is a lot of good news for teachers such as the extension of the retirement age,” she said. Lok, who also attended the meeting with the Prime Minister, said she would be able to brief members after she attended the PSD briefing on the PTK evaluation.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The Lost Book of Nostradamus, which shows a recently unearthed manuscript containing cryptic predictions for the future that may have been written and illustrated by the famed prophet Nostradamus, will be aired on History Channel (Astro channel 555) starting April 27 at 7 pm. The programme is based on the book, Prophecy of the Roman Popes, which was hidden in Rome for over 400 years until it was discovered at the end of the 20th century.

It may not only contain new Nostradamus prophecies, but may also shed new light on the true meaning of his now famed ones. The programme traces the journey of the book from the time it was written to the time it was discovered. It is believed that this book's drawings illustrate Nostradamus' prophecies from the French Revolution to the attack on Pope John Paul II to future predictions for our own generation, including the current conflict in the Middle East and the Apocalypse.

In addition, Nostradamus' correspondence with his favoured son, C├ęsar (who is purported to have delivered the book into a future Pope' s hands before he died), is also examined for clues to interpreting Nostradamus' mysterious visions and prognostications. The two-hour special brings to life the illustrations of this enigmatic book through the use of CGI animation and cinematic reenactment.

It weaves the present day story of the mystery of the book with Nostradamus' life and his predictions for the future. Nostradamus has been called a master prophet, and surely few prophets in human history have endured such lasting power and influence. However, the French apothecary himself wrote that he was not a prophet. But if he wasn't, what was he? Was he just a clever man who pulled off a centuries-long hoax, or was he truly able to tap into a divine stream of revelation?

TEASER 54: "RaHMaN THeoRY ReCTiFieD?...HeHeHe!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

TEASER 53: IT's A 'DuRiaN LiFe'...HeHeHe!!


BLaCK-14 GaTHeRiNG: 14 APRiL 2008-KeLaB SuLTan SULaiMan, Kg. BaRu...

EXCLUSIVE: TV3's 'BuLeTiN UTaMa' NeWs On SuFiaH YuSoF...

P/s: Let’s hear what Sufiah's mother wants to say about her daughter. The choice is on her hands...

TEASER 52: BaNKeR CaT?...HaHaHa!!


'Pakatan Rakyat' will not push for a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi in Parliament for now. Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, who was instrumental in putting together the Pakatan Rakyat coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS, said for the moment the issue did not arise.

“We don’t find it a necessity nor critical,” he said, adding that the leaders of the three Pakatan Rakyat parties would continue to monitor and discuss the situation closely. There has been talk that the Opposition would try to move a vote of no-confidence against Abdullah when Parliament convenes later this month. Anwar, who will be eligible to hold public office again from April 15 after a five-year ban, said he was in no rush to get back into the fray. Saying this was not a priority, he said he did not expect to contest in a by-election “in the next few months.”

“Building up an effective and credible Pakatan Rakyat is far more important for now,” he told The Star in an interview. Anwar said it was essential that the five Pakatan Rakyat states work hard to deliver on their promises to the rakyat. “Our priority is to ensure accountability and good governance in managing the states. We have to anticipate the possibility that the Federal Government might create problems for us by not disbursing funds so we have to ensure that we fulfil promises to the electorate.

“The people have placed so much hope and trust on us. I saw it in their eyes when they came to our rallies. We cannot betray this. This goes beyond politics,” he added. He believed that if Pakatan Rakyat delivered in the five states (Selangor, Penang, Kelantan, Perak and Kedah), then it could easily become the Federal Government in the next general election. He reiterated that even now there were already a number of Barisan Nasional MPs wanting to crossover to the Pakatan Rakyat side. Stressing that there was nothing morally wrong with this, he claimed, that if the recently concluded general election had been free and fair with the indelible ink being used, then Pakatan Rakyat would have won a lot more seats and formed the Federal Government.

On whether the “glue” holding the Opposition together would come unstuck if he was no longer around, Anwar said: “The glue transcends me. The people have spoken and PKR, DAP and PAS are precisely compelled by their voters to work together.” He also said he had asked the Opposition MPs to perform and be loyal Opposition members. As to whether the 82 Opposition MPs were free to vote according to their conscience instead of having to toe the party line, he said, there had been views on the need to be flexible on this matter but a decision has yet to be made. “But personally, I feel that if it is related to PR policy matters, then our MPs should back the party line. But on non-policy matters, they could have some flexibility. This way, we are giving our MPs recognition (to take a position of conscience),” he said.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

TEASER 52: 'CaRTooNKiNi' BY ZuNaR...HeHeHe!!


P/s: Yup!!....It wasn’t exactly the same with the original scenes. In fact, it was based on the true story of one guy who accidentally captured the spirit picture which happens to be his own suicide ex-girlfriend...HeHeHe!!! Wicked arrr? Yesterday, my wife and I went to the Mid-Valley Megamall to watch this horror film Shutter. We planned to watch at the Alamanda, Putrajaya but unfortunately the film hasn’t been listed yet. OK, nevermind!! We’ve a lot of places to be picked. So, we ended up at the Mid-Valley Megamall. OK, about the film they actually reinvented the film based on the horror Thai film (with the same title) by recapturing again the horror moments which has been shown in the cinema last 2 years. It was the award winning film (Thai version) and this time they were using the Japanese Director to put some extra Japanese-style horror to the big screen. The storylines were quite slow as compared with the Thai version. However, the environments were totally different whereby they were newlyweds who were living at two different places which were at the New York, USA and then migrated to Tokyo, Japan. Most of the character profiles were quite the same in term of the job description, number of Ben’s friend and what they have done to Ben’s ex-girlfriend. Besides, the ghost itself was quite wicked. I mean that the actress herself victoriously made some impact on my wife braveness...HeHeHe!! But, the real point is that she has made the audiences screamed frantically by her horrible faces (not all the time) especially during the scene of which she purportedly put her horrible long tongue into Ben’s mouth that has resulted Ben to vomit like some sort of awful and smelly substances with flies all over it. Finally, the ending part was quite the same where Ben finally found out that the ghost was...????? HeHeHe!!! You all know the ends one right? OK, this film I’d rate it 3.5 out of 5. Do enjoy watching this horror film ok....ADIOS!!

FLu PReVeNTioN TiPs...

YOU may think that preventing an outbreak of an epidemic is out of your control, but the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) will tell you different. The most effective weapon to stop a virus from spreading, is essentially, you. By practising the following steps, you can play an active role in protecting yourself, and people around you from contracting the flu.

Get vaccinated
The mainstay of flu prevention is still vaccination (according to recommendations by health authorities), but good health habits like covering your cough and washing your hands often can help prevent respiratory illnesses like the flu. There also are flu antiviral drugs that can be used to treat and prevent the flu. Cover your nose or mouth when you are sneezing or coughing Influenza virus can spread through air droplets when we sneeze or cough. Covering your nose or mouth with a tissue may prevent those around you from getting ill too.

Clean your hands often
Cleaning your hands will keep the virus from “travelling” from one place to another. If it is possible, wash your hands each time you cough or sneeze. It may prevent the virus from spreading. It is recommended by the CDC that when you wash your hands with soap and warm water. Wash for 15 to 20 seconds.

Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth
Germs are often spread when a person touches something that is contaminated with germs and then touches his or her eyes, nose, or mouth.

Stay home when you are sick; check with a health provider when needed
If possible, stay home from work, school, and errands when you are sick. You will help prevent others from catching your illness.

Remind your children (and people around you) to practice healthy habits too
A group effort can come a long way to preventing an outbreak.

TEASER 51: APPeaRaNce CaN Be DeCeiViNG...HeHeHe!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

TEASER 50: "MeNGaPa HaNYa GaDis MeLaYu DiRaSuK?"...

Kes ini berlaku betul2 di ruang pelajar perempuan membasuh kain. Berlaku di asrama puteri. Kebanyakan yang terkena rasukan adalah gadis melayu dan tidak pernah ada kes berlaku pada pelajar kaum China dan India...Di mana salah nya....Kita ikuti percakapan antara bomoh melayu dan jin. Kes histeria disekolah kat BSB...Misteri di Asrama Puteri terjawap!

Suatu hari, ada seorang ketua bomoh yang begitu berani hendak berjumpa dengan sekumpulan jin yang berlegar2 di asrama hinggakan mereka merasuk sebilangan pelajar di sekolah itu. Ketika sampai di sebuah bilik, ketua bomoh pun membaca sejenis mantera. Selepas membaca mantera, ketua bomoh pun memanggil ketua jin itu. Lalu ketua jin itu pun datang...

Jin datang dengan menunjukkan wajah rupanya, yang begitu hodoh dan jijik. Hinggakan ketua bomoh yang begitu berpengalaman, pun hampir2 pengsan dibuatnya! Hinggakan mayat reput pun lebih baik dari wajah si ketua jin itu!!! Tapi si ketua bomoh tetap kuatkan semangatnya yang jitu. Lalu si ketua bomoh pun bertanya dengan kuat dan nyaring, menampakkan semangatnya yang tidak kendur walaupun terlihat sesuatu yang begitu menakutkan...

"Mengapa kau rasuk pelajar sekolah di sini hah? Jawap!!! Kenapa gadis melayu jadi sasaran kau wahai syaitan yang direjam" Dengan menarik nafas panjang, si ketua jin pun menjawab... "

"Siapa Bilang Gadis Melayu Tak Menawan, Tak Menarik Hati, Tiada Memikat, Kalaulah Memang, Tak Mungkin Aku Tertarik, Kalaulah Sungguh, Tak Mungkin Aku MERASUK..."


TEASER 49: EVeR BeeN In THis SiTuaTiON BeFoRe?...HaHaHa!!

TEASER 48: 'CaRTooNKiNi' BY ZuNaR...HeHeHe!!


P/s: The sound system was terrible. You've to use earphone to hear what Tun has said. Courtesy from MalaysiaKini...

TEASER 47: "I SWeaR To TeLL THe TRuTH...HeHeHe!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

"KeMPeN AnTi-PM Ke SeLuRuH NeGaRa?"...

Kempen sekumpulan pemimpin akar umbi Umno untuk mendesak Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi berundur akan dipertingkatkan ke tahap lebih besar ke seluruh negara. Selain majlis penerangan di negeri-negeri, kumpulan itu tidak menolak kemungkinan berkumpul beramai-ramai di Putrajaya untuk mencapai matlamatnya, kata ketua cawangan Umno Pusat Bandar Taman Cempaka, Syed Saifuddin Syed Harman kepada Malaysiakini hari ini.

Tokoh veteran Umno Tan Sri Sanusi Junid dijangka bersedia membuka gelanggang kempen di peringkat negeri. Sementara rakaman ucapan mantan perdana menteri Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad di sebuah hotel di Ampang, Selangor semalam akan diedarkan secara meluas. Di program 'Fikir-fikirkan Bersama Tun Dr. Mahathir', Umi Hafilda Ali, seorang pengikut setia Dr. Mahathir, mencadangkan perhimpunan 100,000 ahli Umno dianjurkan di pusat pentadbiran itu bagi mendesak reformasi dalam parti itu susulan kemerosotan pengaruhnya dalam pilihanraya umum 8 Mac.

Dr. Mahathir sendiri tidak menolak cadangan itu jika mendapat keizinan polis dan kebersihan Putrajaya terjamin. "Kita nak minta diadakan rapat umum supaya kita boleh bercakap sikit," tambahnya semalam. "(Abdullah mendakwa) semua orang menyokong dia, kenapa dia takut?" Syed Saifuddin berkata, beberapa cadangan dikemukakan kepadanya semalam selepas pertemuan itu dan mereka masih di peringkat perancangan awal. "Semakin banyak kumpulan menyokong rayuan agar Pak Lah menimbangkan untuk melepaskan jawatan. "Kami merayu, kami tidak memaksa, Pak Lah meletakkan jawatan demi masa depan Umno," katanya dalam satu wawancara.

Beliau yang terlibat menganjurkan majlis di Hotel De Palma pagi semalam, berkata beberapa bahagian di Wilayah Persekutuan, Kedah dan Selangor bersedia menganjurkan majlis penerangan seumpamanya. Bagaimanapun, jelas Syed Saifuddin lagi, Dr. Mahathir belum menyatakan kesediaannya untuk turut serta, setakat ini. Sanusi, yang menyampaikan ucapan mengkritik Abdullah dan menantunya Khairy Jamaluddin di program semalam, dijangka berucap di Kedah. Beliau dan Datuk Fuad Hassan, bekas exco negeri Selangor, yang hadir di majlis Dr. Mahathir semalam sudah didekati tetapi butiran lengkap program-program itu masih belum muktamad - MaLaYSiaKiNi ONLiNe

P/s: UMNO is becoming worsen and worsen each day. PakLah is still confident that he has the majority of the UMNO's members to back him up. What he does not know is there are many of the UMNO's members out there (especially from the grassroots) are willingly to let him go 'peacefully'. If everything doesn't go well as they've asked PakLah to step down 'peacefully', I'd probably guess that they (it's time for the UMNO's MPs to take further action) will do something that it shouldn't be the way in history of toppling the Malaysia PM in such of horribly action. What they are presumably going to do is by making the unprecedented voting or vote of no confident against PakLah during the 1st MPs assembly in the end of this month. I’m not really sure whether this information is credible or not. We shall wait what is the end of this unprecedented dispute drama goes by in time. Only time will tell us...

TEASER 46: I'm PReTTY DaMN LuCK!!...HaHaHa!!

F1: BaHRaIN 2008-2nD RuNNeR UP FoR KiMi...

Brazilian Felipe Massa stormed to victory here yesterday for his second successive victory in the Bahrain Grand Prix and answer his mounting bank of critics as his Ferrari team celebrated a comfortable one-two with Kimi Raikkonen finishing second. The 26-year-old Latin American, who had failed to score a point after an error-strewn performance in both opening races, came home as a comfortable winner ahead of his team-mate defending drivers’ world champion Finn Rakkkonen. They came home first and second ahead of third-placed Pole Robert Kubica of BMW, who had started from the first pole position of his career, and his team-mate German Nick Heidfeld.

This was enough for the BMW-Sauber team to lead the constructors' championship for the first time. “For sure I had a not very easy couple of weeks, but that's life,” said Massa. “It's not the first time and won't be the last. I had two bad days in the first two races, but I know that we are quick. “The race was difficult because I didn't want to make mistakes. I was just controlling the pace and wanted to bring the car home. What was in my mind was the last race. “I love this circuit. It is my second victory in a row. Always I have gone very strong here.” Raikkonen said: “All weekend has been really difficult. It has been just one of those things and I couldn't get the car where we wanted. It was a bad weekend, but I still finished second and I am leading the championship. Kubica said: “We had some problems on the formation lap with a lot of wheel spin and with the race start I had a lot of wheel spin.

“Then unfortunately on the second lap I didn't know about the oil and I took some debris in corner one and thought I had punctured the tyre. “I didn't know if I was going to pit and I lost second place to Kimi. But anyway a good result - third and fourth for the team and to be leading the Constructors' championship. Kubica finished third ahead of his team-mate German Nick Heidfeld, confirming BMW's emergence as a championship force. The German car giant leads the Constructors' championship for the first time by one point from Ferrari.

Raikkonen now leads the drivers' standings on 19 points, three ahead of Heidfeld with Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen and Kubica all on 14. Pre-race championship leader Hamilton was always struggling having dropped from third to 11th at the start after getting stuck on the grid when the red lights went out. Ferrari dominated from the start. On a hot, windy and sand-strewn circuit, the 23-year-old Kubica was left behind as the leading Ferrari F2008 driven by the Brazilian took control. But that did not hold him up on the track and while he pulled away at the start, the luckless Hamilton was left struggling to leave the grid.

From third on the grid, the 23-year-old Briton fell back to 10th and soon after was involved in a dramatic collision with his great rival and former team-mate double world champion Spaniard Fernando Alonso. As they exited a slow corner, it appeared that the Renault driver slowed slightly and Hamilton, accelerating hard, hit the rear of his car with the front of his McLaren, and flew into the air. Hamilton's car was damaged and he had to pit for a new nose and front wing. This left him 18th when he rejoined as his chances of hanging on to the leadership of the early-season drivers' championship were wrecked.




P/s: I really didn't realize that it was kind of hard and creepy one to assemble the Optimus Prime Leader Class from the robot to truck mode and vice-versa. The 'click-cluck' sounds makes me feel quite nervous and afraid to open it up and start to play with it...HeHeHe!! Although the manual is provided, it seems that it is not enough of the visual procedures being shown off in the manual on how to transform to any transformation modes. Apparently, you've to use the 'trial and error' method and in that case, either your robot being transform to the exact mode or you'll end up ripping off one of his robotic limb...HeHeHe!!!



TEASER 45: IT's A 'DuRiaN LiFe'...HeHeHe!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Friday, April 4, 2008


P/s: Some of the pages for public preview of the up coming comic...


With a sequel to the mega-hit Transformers coming, fans everywhere are excited about seeing old friends again on the big screen. OK BIG SPOILER WARNING PEOPLE! BEWARE...

The big questions are who will be back and what new characters will we see? Which new heroes and baddies will we get to see on the big screen this time around? There has been some web speculation that Transformers 2 is already in production that is not accurate, it's public knowledge that Michael Bay worked on the script during the WGA strike and once it was over it was handed over to the writing trio of Kurtzman/Orci/Kruger. So a lot of prep work has already been done on the film getting ready for the upcoming July start date, the film is definitely gearing up for the intended mid-summer start date.

Now, on with the ROBOT ROLL CALL!
First, the Decepticons will be getting some new help in the form of Constructicons. In the cartoons, their names were Scrapper, Bonecrusher, Scavenger, Mixmaster, Hook and Long Haul. And what do we get when they all combine and form one huge ass robot? That’s right boys and girls, we are going to see DEVASTATOR on the big screen!

It's hard to tell what Michael Bay and his merry band of filmmaker friends will be calling the Constructicons in Transformers 2, but the above names will most likely change, especially considering that they used the name "Bonecrusher" in the first film.