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Transformers Revenge of The Fallen

Thursday, January 31, 2008

TEASER 23: IT's A 'DuRiAN' LiFe...HeHe..

DRaGoN BaLL Z and RoBoTeCH The MoViE....

Last two days, my wife and I went to the Giant Hypermarket at Kinrara, Puchong as part of our usual unwinds activity....HeHeHe....We were just considered of buying things such as honey mandarin orange, vegetables, snacks and etc. Whilst wandering at the stationary area, we accidentally found out that they also sell some assorted animation DVD with the reasonable price. It’s something unusual of having DVDs in the hypermarket (excluded Carrefour and Tesco)...HeHe....For that reason, we were determined to find none other the Dragon Ball, Bleach or Robotech. At last, we found it with the price of RM16.80 and RM33.80 for the Dragon Ball Z: 18 complete set movies and Robotech the movie respectively. Not bad laa.....Nevertheless, the price was much cheaper than the normal price which I’ve looked and compared at most of the places like MPH, Popular and even Tesco. As a matter a fact, these DVDs were rare to find since it is a compilation of all Dragon Ball Z movies and the new instalment of the Robotech series (The Shadow Chronicles). Can’t wait to start seeing those movies....HeHe!!

SoMe oF THe NeW AwESoME TRaNsFORMeRS GraPHiCs...EnJoY GuYs!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TEASER 22: IT's A 'DuRiAN' LiFe...


The pictures show my latest collection of the Transformers Deluxe Class action figures. It’s called LANDMINE. Fortunately, after looking at various places (Klang Valley area); I managed to buy it with the price of RM58.00 (after 10% discount) during the MACROSS 25th Anniversary Convention. Some places put the price tag up to RM150.00. It was too muchhh!!!...HeHe...Although it was a bit expensive from the normal price (RM49.90), but it is worth of buying. Looking at the box, I was really impressed with the new looked of the Allspark Power bluish colour. Not to mentioned, the transformable part for me looks different from the others. A part from that, my wife got the lucky draw gift (the rectangular box which features the anime fighter women dummy) during the convention. She was really shocked to hear that her MACROSS preview ticket number (023) were called by the organizer. Congrats honey!!!... =) At least we didn't go back empty handed though we have collected plenty of magazines, badges, etc...HeHe...OK, here is some of the AUTOBOT-LANDMINE synopsis:

“Brought to life by the Allspark Pulse wave released during the final battle against Megatron, Landmine is still learning what it means to be an Autobot. He is content, however, to continue his work with the humans of Sector 7, even while Ironhide trains him in the finer points of robot combat. He enjoys the excitement and intrigue of working as an agent in a super-secret organization. Knowing that what he does not only keeps the humans safe, but also protects his fellow Autobots bring him great gratification”

TEASER 21: TRaNsFoRMaBLe CaT...HaHaHa..

TEASER 20: CoNFiRM!!!...DaRTH SiTH HaS HiS NeW SuCCeSSoR..HaHaHa..

P/s: Confirm!!, confirm!!, confirm!!...She's the 'OnE'...HeHe..This picture was taken during her performance on the 'AJL ke-22'. Courtesy from the 'Berita Harian Online' Jan 27th...HeHeHe...I might think that she was doing some sort of special ritual for her 'new looked' of the Darth Sith successor....HaHaHa...'Tu la, lain kali nak pakai tudung etc., pakai la betul2'....JaNGaN MaRe!!..

Darth Sith: "Yesssss.....Welcome, welcome, welcome aboard Datuk Seri Diraja Siti...HaHaHa"

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

MoTiVaTiONaL WoRDs...

Dear all, life is short, so make it worth, ok! =) -Anis

A LiTTLe ReMiNDeR 4 Us..

Salam and hi to all! I'm Anis, this blogger's most beloved wife =) As this is my first posting here, I'd like to share a little reminder for us. May Allah bless us, insha Allah =)

Monday, January 28, 2008

MaCRoSS 25th ANNiVeRSaRY CoNVeNTioN 2008 (1982-2007)...AWeSoMe EVeNT!!

MaCRoSS 25th ANNiVeRSaRY CoNVeNTioN 2008 (1982-2007)

P/s: I'll make the event review tomorrow...HeHe

Huhhhh...Hi there! I’m back at my desk. Felt hectic for the last few days...HeHe....OK then, straight to the event review la...On the Jan 26th, my beloved wife and I decided to participate for the so-called ‘prelude’ of the MACROSS 25th Anniversary Convention which was held at the Taylor’s University College, Subang Jaya. The official event of the MACROSS 25th Anniversary Convention will be held on the April 25th. Actually, I’m the biggest fan of the MACROSS cum ROBOTECH. At first, my wife feels reluctant of joining the convention. She thought that this convention probably for the toddlers. “You’re wrong sayang”.....HeHeHe.....Most of the gigs were at the age between 25 to 35 years old...Weird haaahh? =) Apparently, none of the toddlers were participated...HuHu. We arrived around 11.00pm and saw most of the crowd busy playing games and site-seeing at the MACROSS collectibles and other action figures especially from the TRANSFORMERS laa..HeHe. Almost 1½ hour we spent there by collecting free materials and goodie bag courtesy from ANIMAX, GEMPAK Magazines and etc. before watching the new instalment of the MACROSS animation series (MACROSS FRONTIER 2008: Episode 01) at the Lecture Hall 2, 2.30pm. As to heat up this convention, the organizer has invited Hannah Tan (ANIMAX ICON: CHANNEL 715-ASTRO) as a special guest to conduct some other programmes. I wasn’t gave any intention at all...HeHe...I was busy looking and snapping pictures at the different types of awesome transformable Valkyires. Fuuhhhhh!!!...They are really DAMN die-hard-fan for buying these expensive figures. The price?...Huhu, I’d say RM400 above. Then, approximately 2.30pm++, we started watching the preview of the episode 01: MACROSS FRONTIER 2008. The movie was on the Japanese language with the English subtitles. Mmmm....I’d say the graphics were FANTASTICS and SUPERB...According to the organizer, the full version (34 episodes) will be released on the April, 25th which is on the same day of the official convention. The preview took about 45 mins. Next, we were watching the MACROSS first generation movie entitled MACROSS PLUS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE? As compared to the ROBOTECH series (USA version), this Japanese version includes more dramatic action, unseen footage and superb graphics. It took nearly about 2 hours with some explicit 18SX scenes. Well, in conclusion, I’d like to say this: ‘There are more MACROSS gigs out there than meets the eyes’.....HeHe...

Friday, January 25, 2008


These scenes were deleted in the Transformers Movie. If you happen to remember, during the high speed chase between the Decepticons and Autobots at the highway, Bonecrusher has jumped onto Optimus Prime and they have some gruesome fight under the bridge right? OK then; after demolishing him, Optimus Prime climbed back onto the bridge and ripped off Barricade (Police car: 643) by smashing him into pieces at the concrete barrier of the top bridge. That was soooo COOL!!!...HeHeHe...I hope so that he’s still alive though he’s a bad scumbag machine... =)

TEASER 19: Too 'DaMn' STRaIgHT...HeHe..

Thursday, January 24, 2008

YoU'LL Be THe JuDGe....

P/s: Who's the one being irrelevant, insensitive and misinterpret? You’ll be the judge...

I’d say this guy is a 'JERK'....... Lack of some homework before making such irrelevant statement makes him even WORST as a non-muslim Malaysian citizen. He seems to have some hard time with the Muslim communities in Malaysia by making some irrelevant statement. By saying that ‘Tuan Guru Nik Aziz’ as a person who are insensitive and insulting other believer are surely not true. From what I’ve read from your so called ‘extremely insensitive’ article, it’s not just a matter of feeling pity for someone who has been amputated for stealing things, it’s about the moral of the punishment of making someone to think wisely before doing anything so stupid. Moreover, the punishment process itself is quite strict and lot of circumstances have to be passed through rigorously before making someone eligibly for the punishment (in this case: amputating the hands of a thief). The most important thing is under the REAL ‘Syariah’ law, non-Muslim communities can choose either to use this law or stick to the usual secular decree. There is no obliging of choosing ‘HUDUD’ law. These are some of the strict rules to be complied before the ‘HUDUD’ law (SARIQAH: stealing things) is executed. The execution will be exempted should the plaintiff is within the condition as below.

(a) Apabila nilai harta yang dicuri itu kurang daripada nisab (Jumlah harta yang ditentukan secara hukum syarak mengikut kadar semasa).
(b) Apabila kesalahan itu tidak dapat dibuktikan dengan keterangan yang dikendaki di bawah peruntukan-peruntukan Bahagian III (Undang-undang Syarie).
(c) Apabila pesalah itu bukan mukallaf.
(d)Apabila tuan punya harta yang dicuri itu tidak mengambil langkah yang cukup untuk menjaga harta itu daripada dicuri, memandangkan kepada keadaan harta itu dan tempat ia disimpan atau ditinggalkan.
(e) Apabila pesalah itu belum lagi mendapat milik yang sepenuhnya terhadap harta yang dicuri itu, walaupun tuan punya tidak lagi mempunyai jagaan dan milikan ke atas harta tersebut;
(f) Apabila harta yang dicuri adalah daripada jenis harta yang tidak bernilai dan boleh didapati dengan banyaknya merata-rata tempat ataupun daripada jenis harta yang sudah musnah.
(g) Apabila harta yang dicuri tidak mempunyai apa-apa nilai mengikut hukum syarak seperti minuman yang memabukkan atau alat-alat hiburan.
(h) Apabila kesalahan mencuri itu dilakukan oleh pemberi hutang ke atas harta orang yang berhutang dengannya yang enggan membayar hutang itu; Dengan syarat bahawa nilai harta yang dicuri itu tidak melebihi jumlah hutang atau nilai harta yang dicuri itu melebihi jumlah hutang tetapi tidak melebihi nisab.
(i) Apabila kesalahan itu dilakukan dalam keadaan yang amat mendesak, seperti perang, kelaparan, penyakit dan bencana alam.
(j) Apabila kesalahan itu berlaku dalam keluarga seperti isteri mencuri daripada suaminya dan
sebaliknya atau anak mencuri daripada bapanya atau sebaliknya.
(k) Apabila kesalahan itu dilakukan oleh sekumpulan orang yang mana bahagian yang diperolehi oleh tiap-tiap seorang daripada pesalah itu setelah dibahagikan harta yang dicuri atau hasilnya sesama mereka adalah kurang daripada nisab.
(l) Apabila pesalah itu mengembalikan harta yang dicuri itu sebelum hukuman hudud dilaksanakan.
(m) Apabila tuan punya harta yang dicuri itu tidak mengaku bahawa hartanya telah dicuri, walaupun pesalah itu telah membuat iqrar mencurinya.
(n) Apabila pesalah itu membuat bantahan yang boleh diterima oleh hukum syarak terhadap saksi-saksi.

REFERENCE: http://www.mail-archive.com/hizb@hizbi.net/msg31925.html

‘ISLAM’ means the way of life. It’s beautiful and peace. How on earth such a peaceful and beautiful religion would really do such a gruesome and non-humanitarian acts without some sort of procedures and system before so-called ‘cruel’ punishment can be executed. ‘Don’t judge the book by its cover’. Ask someone else that expert in this matter. Don’t just simply ‘take it’ as simple as A, B, C without doing some homework or references before some statement can be made. You could end up by triggering anger to the Muslim communities in Malaysia. For the religious person out there (especially from the UMNO party), stop telling lies about ‘HUDUD’ law. Give them the truth about ‘ISLAM’. Don’t just because of the differences in term of our ideology within the Malays communities; we end up by fighting and arguing each other’s. Our enemies are always lurking and ready to strike at anytime. They knew our weaknesses.

For you Steve, I’m hoping that we’ll meet someday.....

InTeRNaTiONaL CaT SHoW: 24-27 JaN 2008, MiD-VaLLeY

P/s: HeHeHe...It's time to 'gomol2 kucing shomel' nie...

TEASER 18: IT's A 'DuRiAN' LiFe...HaHa..


Deliciousss...Walaaahh..!! HeHeHe. That’s the word which pops up from my head. As usual, I was on my way back from UKM to CUCMS to fetch my beloved wife. Actually, I haven’t taken lunch on that day. So, I decided to try some of the delicacies at the Hassan Cafe’s which is located at the street mall (in the same building with CUCMS lecturer room). If I might guess, Hassan Cafe’s is the most preferred cafe around Cyberjaya maybe due to its location which is located at the central of Cyberjaya (hub for the RapidKL and e-Budaya busses). If I’m not mistaken, they have two outlets there with the same name (you’ll notice the differences). If you happen to have lunch there, please make sure that you’re visiting the right Hassan’s Cafe as at the end of your meals (let say ‘nasi goreng biasa’ and MILO ice), you probably wouldn’t want to see your bill to be written more than RM10 right? HeHeHe...Actually, it’s a normal scenario here to see your bill being charged more than RM10...HeHe. So, the other Hassan’s Cafe is most probably meant for the VIP laaaa (you’ll find numerous of western foods there and of cause a bit expensive laaa). Enough of that, where were we? OK, my wife told me that at the Hassan’s Cafe, they have this menu so called ‘nasi goreng cili api’. Since I’m the one that’s really enjoy so much eating hot stuff, I mean really hot stuff e.g.: cili api, this menu is probably no match to me laaa....HeHeHe (berlagak la konon). Forget to mention, this ‘nasi goreng cili api’ is extremely loaded with ‘cili api’, skinless prawn and small chunks of chicken meat. So, I decided to endeavour the hot and spicy ‘nasi goreng cili api’ and fuuuhhhhhhhhhh...HeHe...it was sooo hot that I couldn’t feel the icy MILO (baru hang tau)...The price was about RM 4.50 (excluded the MILO ice). Not bad for a moderate exclusivity mamak stall in the heart of Cyberjaya....If you happen to be in Cyberjaya, why not by trying this outrageous hot and spicy ‘nasi goreng cili api’. I’ll bet you won’t regret it...HeHeHe...


The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the final nominations for the 80th Annual Academy Awards. Transformers has landed THREE Academy Awards nominations. Transformers have been nominated for:

1) Achievement in Visual Effects
2) Achievement in Sound Editing
3) Achievement in Sound Mixing

To see if Transformers comes away with any Oscars, tune into the 80th Annual Academy Awards on February 24th...Yeaahhhh...Go,Go,Go...HeHe!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'UYuL Gi KoLaH'...HeHe..Isn'T ShE So CuTe..

“Mama, uyul tak mau bawak botol susu. Maluuu....tapi nti mama letak botol susu dalam beg kolah uyul ye”...Kahkahkahh!!!..HaHaHa..We all have big giggles after hearing that...That was the words that came out from our niece after being asked whether to bring along her choc. milk bottle to the kindergarten or not. She is only five-year-old but her enthusiastic of learning things makes us feel that this new generation children will somehow becoming more and more intelligent than the predecessor generation. OK...mmmmmm....To be more specific, she was so anxious to go to school with his fully-loaded beg including all kinds of stationary gear and not to forget his precious choc. milk bottle (kalah budak sekolah rendah..HeHe). But nowadays, she wanted to have Oreo biscuits instead of choc. milk. That was a good sign of having a heavy meal. Otherwise, it was soooo hard to ask her to have some heavy meals other than her choc. milk. I mean like ‘nasi goreng ke, mee goreng ke’. Maybe she has already felt ashamed with her same age classmate who always brought ‘roti sardin’ and etc. OK....What did she learns in the kindergarten? Guess what?....Definitely laaaa alphabetical words including some colouring and light recreational activities...Class usually finish at 11.30 am. Approximately at 12.30 pm, she returns home with a sleepy and sluggish faces (penat la kot..HeHe) and go straight for her ‘bantal busyukk laa’ (TiTon laaa)....HeHe!! Then, she wakes up at 4 or 5 pm and starts to be 'centre of attraction' until 10pm..HeHe (Kacau orang sane-sini). However, when her papa is around, she will not do anything strange like ‘kacau orang makan, lari sane-sini and etc’. Coz if she do that, she might get lock inside the room and being asked to sleep early....'Takleh la nak nakal-nakal coz kena mare'....HaHaHa...

TEASER 17: IT's A 'DuRiAN' LiFe...HeHe..EnJoY..

MaCRoSS 25th ANNiVeRSaRY CoNVeNTioN 2008...

In conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of Macross, the Macross Fans of Malaysia, in collaboration with the Taylor’s Anime Society, will hold the “Macross 25th Anniversary Convention” on Saturday, Jan 26, at Taylor’s University College in Subang Jaya, Selangor, from 10am to 7pm.

A special screening of the movie, ‘Macross: Do You Remember Love?’, will be shown at 3pm, Lecture Theatre 2. An exhibition will be held at the multi-purpose hall to showcase the Macross merchandise which includes the limited edition 25th Anniversary Macross VF-1S and YF-19 Valkyrie.

The tickets to the movie are priced at RM4 while entrance to the exhibition is free. As places are limited, those interested to book a place for the screening may e-mail their full name and handphone number to macrosssmy@yahoo.com Animax ambassador Hannah Tan will be at the opening ceremony at 11am and will have a meet-and-greet session at 2pm.

Bring your favourite Valkyrie toys or even cosplay as your favourite Macross characters. Goodie bags sponsored by Animax will be given away.


IN the 1980s, a certain anime with an iconic red, white and blue robot defined what we now know as the mecha genre. But this article isn’t about Mobile Suit Gundam. It’s about the anime that rode on its success and improved on it: Super Dimension Fortress Macross (SDF Macross). It is still loved some 25 years after its creation in 1982. Now, fans are awaiting the latest anime in the Macross franchise, which premieres in Japan this year: Macross Frontier. It is to mark the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

(SDF-1 Macross (or shortened to Macross), the spaceship that can transform into a giant robot)

The story of SDF Macross begins in 1999, when an alien spaceship crash-lands on Earth. After studying the wreckage, scientists discover an alien invasion is imminent and plead with the international community to cease hostilities and work together to face this new threat. Ten years later, the alien spaceship is rebuilt and christened Macross. But on its maiden voyage, its main cannons are unexpectedly activated and fired into orbiting alien ships. Subsequently, Macross is attacked by the gigantic aliens called the Zentraedi.

Young pilot Hikaru Ichijyo and budding singer Lynn Minmay are caught up in the attack and through various circumstances find themselves embroiled in an epic intergalactic war that will change the history of mankind forever.

During the mecha anime revolution spearheaded by Gundam, there was a flood of such anime in the market with very similar themes - mostly dealing with war and its consequences. Macross was no different in that sense but it differentiated itself from the rest with a unique story that focuses on the relationships formed between the characters, and how love and peace offer a way in the darkest of times. This central theme will be a template for all Macross sequels to come. Part of Macross’ appeal is, of course, the iconic Valkyries. As the fighter planes that transform into humanoid robots, they give humans an equal footing to fight against the giant Zentraedi.

(Valkyries are fighter planes that can turn into humanoid robots)

Almost all Valkyries in the Macross franchise are designed by the series’ mecha designer, Shouji Kawamori, who draws his inspiration from real fighter jets. The Valkyries have gained an iconic status in the world of anime and are famous for their ability to transform into three modes: the Fighter mode which resembles a modern-day jet, the Battroid mode which is a humanoid robot, and the Gerwalk mode - a unique form resembling a hybrid between the jet and the robot. It is always exhilarating to watch the Valkyries unload a whole salvo of missiles while dodging enemy fire, and at the same time transforming into their different modes to adapt to the situation. The combat choreography directed by Ichiro Itano was definitely groundbreaking and way ahead of its time.

If you mention “anime music” to anyone, one would think of catchy J-pop theme songs or orchestral background music that sets the mood. But in Macross it is more than that. The music always plays an important role in the Macross storyline and this has continued to be a recurring theme in all its sequels.

In SDF Macross and its remake, Macross: Do You Remember Love?, the song sung by Lynn Minmay is used as a form of psychological warfare against the Zentraedi who have known no culture except war. In Macross Plus, the rogue artificial intelligence known as Sharon Apple sings songs that can control the minds of humans. In Macross 7, a mysterious power known as Anima Spiritia which is channelled through the music of Basara Nekki is used as a defence against space monsters. Despite the strange use of music as a plot device in the Macross series, the songs are always pleasing to the ear and would usually top the charts in Japan when they were first released.

It is thus not surprising that the music of Macross is well-known and immediately recognisable amongst the anime-watching crowd, even to those who have never caught Macross. Tunes like Ai, Oboete Imasu ka? (Do You Remember Love?), Shao Pai Long (Little White Dragon), Information High, Zero G Love and Holy Lonely Night, just to name a few, are amongst the fan favourites. While Macross may not share the same popularity as that of Gundam gained over the years, it is regarded as one of the pioneers that helped shape the mecha genre. Macross sequels are few and far between especially when compared to the Gundam franchise, but with each sequel, a new generation of Macross fans is born, and each fan will anticipate the next long-awaited sequel.

InTerEsTiNG ARTiCLe: SeXuaL HiCCuPs (UnTuK Yg DaH KaWiN Je ekk...HeHe)

THE STAR NEWS: 21 JaNuaRY 2008
Australian sex therapist and relationship counsellor Dr. Rosie King talks about the factors that could affect the passion in a relationship and lead to a breakdown in sexual relations, and hence intimacy between a couple.

IF either partner is unable to have sex because of physical reasons, the best course of action would be to see a doctor. “There may be many factors at play. A woman may suffer from some form of sexual pain disorder or vaginismus. The latter is a condition where the pelvic floor muscles make intercourse impossible.
“Men may suffer from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction (ED), among other things.
“It would be wise to consult a doctor to allay fears and possibly find a solution to your sexual problems. More often than not, most of these problems are treatable,” advises sex therapist and relationship counsellor Dr. Rosie King.

Ignorance is not bliss
One of the most common sexual problems is related to ignorance and fallacies about sex.
“Many people know very little about sex and what they do know is based on what they see in the media - which in most cases, is widely-exaggerated!
“In this part of the world especially, children tend to receive little or no sex education while at school and parents are not forthcoming in matters of a sexual nature. It would be easier to improve the quality of sex if we knew a little more about it.
“While pleasing a partner in bed or being on the receiving end of pleasure may not be rocket science, it helps if we know how to make sex more exciting,” Dr. King said.

I’m no Superman
Watching too much TV may be detrimental to our sex lives. This is because Hollywood tends to portray its stars as insatiable tigers in bed.
“We would have unrealistic expectations if we’re basing what we have to do in bed with what we see on TV or in the movies! Men would have to be studs who have to perform on command and last for hours with a Grade 4 erection!
“This leads to all kinds of problems for flesh-and-blood men and adds to their performance anxiety. Bear in mind that anxiety affects sexual function,” Dr. King said.
Women are not spared either. “TV sirens seem to want it 24/7 and they get turned on at the drop of a hat!
Multiple orgasms are a norm for them too. This leads to performance anxiety in women who may ask themselves why they are so different. They should remember that they are not abnormal.
“After all, studies have shown that only 29% of women have an orgasm every time they have sex,” Dr. King added.

Not tonight, dear
There’s a right and wrong way to do anything - even when it comes to putting your partner in the mood for sex.
“A major turn-off would be not knowing what to do to maximise your partner’s arousal and pleasure. One of the solutions to this problem is communication - even in bed. You have to let your partner know what you need to put you in the mood for sex and to make it truly memorable.
“Bear in mind that your partner is not a mind reader. Don’t be selfish in bed either. There’s no bigger turn-off than that,” Dr. King said.

Women are from Venus, men are from Mars
The great gender divide is another cause of sexual problems. Dr. King elaborates: “A lot of couples don’t realise that their partner’s sexual responses are different from theirs.
“This goes back to the fact that men and women are turned on and off by different things.
“Women tend to be distracted by factors such as lack of privacy and poor communication while it would take a lot more to turn a men’s sexual interest off!
“Consideration is the key here. Men have to be patient and provide adequate foreplay to put a woman in the mood (an average of 15 to 20 minutes) for sex. If couples are considerate of their partners’ desire enhancers, sexual problems would be at a minimum.”

Time goes by so fast
A major cause of sexual problems is related to ageing. After all, as men and women age, sexual function tends to change.
“If one is ignorant of these changes, the relationship could suffer. Bear in mind that sexual response in men and women slow down as they get older. Both parties need more stimulation and time to be aroused. It’s not so easy for men to achieve Grade 4 erections and lubrication in women may be reduced. Orgasms are harder to achieve and sadly, its intensity is decreased. These are just facts of life,” Dr. King said.
Despite these factors, Dr. King added that sex should remain an important factor in our lives even as our hair turns grey and our bodies appear less firm.
“The Pfizer Global Better Sex Survey has shown that 90% of Malaysian men and 78% of Malaysian women aged 55 to 64 still believe that sex is a necessary component to a fulfilling life. Let’s bear that in mind.
“Indeed, sex can remain pleasurable no matter how old you are. Even though our bodies go through many changes as we age, we should remember that sex can be as much fun in our golden years as it was in our youth,” she concluded.

This article is courtesy of Pfizer

TEASER 16: NeeD SoMe HeLP KiDDo?...HaHaHa..

Monday, January 21, 2008


These are my previous collection before buying the Night-Watch Optimus Prime (the most wanted action figure). Firstly, the double-sided accurate sculpture of Optimus Prime which I bought it at the Cineleisure, Damansara. In fact, I’ll never forget on that day right after watching the Transformers movie on how my honey insisted me so hard to buy that sculpture. I would guess, maybe she saw and heard me saying ‘Wooowww, Fuyohhhhh, Superbbbb laaaa graphic diaaa, and ‘takyah cite lagi laa ekk’....HeHe....(actually, it was quite embarrassed to behave like that...HeHe). So, I decided to buy it with a huge smiley face with the price tag of RM112.90. Secondly, the Optimus Prime truck vehicle mode (the Voyager Class) which I bought it at the Toy’s R Us Mid-Valley with the price tag of RM99.90. Thirdly, the Decepticon Desert Attack which is the most preferred action figures of all....(excluded the Night-Watch Optimus Prime laa...HeHe). I bought it at the SOGO, KL with the price tag of RM134.90. The Blackout and Scoponok were the best duo ever made and created by Michael Bay. Good job Michael.....This humongous ‘big ass’ machine is designed to transport Scorponok wherever he goes as they are usually be assigned to infiltrate and steal any information regarding on the location of the Allspark (the cubic thingy that give them some sort of life). Honestly, I was really amazed and impressed with the accuracy of these transformable action figures designed by HASBRO and it was so irresistible of not having it in your home...HuHuHu..

TEASER 15: 'SaPe TiRu SaPe Nie'...HaHaHa...

Adakah Siti meniru fesyen tudung seperti di atas?? Adakah itu idolanya (Darth Sith)?? Tiada siapa yang tahu siapa tiru sape??...Muekekekek...HeHeHe...(Jangan mare 'Kipas-Susah-Mati' Siti ekkk...)

OuR MoST AnTiCIPaTeD DrEaM HoUSe....

'Alhamdulilah'.....At last, after nearly 1½ year waiting for the house to be completed, I’ve heard the news from the developer that we will be awarded with the CF certificate soon. They are expecting to get the other 2% balance from the bank (out of RM249,000) this week and eventually requesting all buyers to get their key for the final inspection before end of this month. Since this is our second house, we are not expecting to get it as fully furnished as in the IKEA showrooms...HeHeHe...As we are going to Australia this year (most probably in June, 2008 insya Allah), at least we will have some basic furniture (paham-paham je la ekk...HeHe) to put into and not to forget the grill for each windows and doors for the safety purposes. The other cosmetics touch-up, I’ll leave it to my beloved wife...HeHe....(Since she’s so anxious of doing this and that...HeHe). Furthermore, they have given us the exact address for the utilities billing and postal purposes.

Oohh, forget to tell, yuppp...the interesting part is most of the ‘Taman Tropika’ buyers are professional Malays who are working at the UKM, Putrajaya federal departments and as far as central KL. This is a good start for making friends, changing experiences and establishing network since most of them come from a different background. OK...enough of that; actually, this house is located nearby to the Bangi KTM Commuter Station and approximately 2 Km from UKM Bangi. Not far for me as a UKM staff but my wife, she has to jump start earlier to Cyberjaya so that she will not been caught in the traffic jam laaa....Hmmmmm..... Apparently, this year will be our lucky year not only we will getting our house soon but the government has revised and amended the housing law by extending the warranty period from 12 to 18 months. At least, we as the house buyers can have a peace of mind of not worrying the defects that can be occurred at any time.


TEASER 14: AWaRe oF YoUR CaT BeHaViOuR LaTeLY?...HaHaHa..

P/s: Hereafter, you'll hear your cat not just snoozing on top of your clean and fluffy sofa, but can talk in English very well indeed....HeHe.."Penat sangat membaca sampai lentok abisss...HaHaHa”

F1-FeRRaRI CoLLeCTiBLe CaRDs (1996-2006)

P/s: As the new season is just around the corner, I'm hoping that Kimi can beat again his rival cum new-comer (Hamilton). Apparently, he has done it very well in the Ferrari team as compared to his ex-team McLaren. He was very determined to win the title and I’ll bet he will do it again this season with more dramatic action plus superb handling of the brand new F2008 machines...All the best Kimi...

TRaNsFoRMeRs MoViE SeQuEL: THe ReIGN oF STaRScReAM #1 (BooK PReViEW - OuT SooN)

The official continuation of the blockbuster TRANSFORMERS movie begins here! When MEGATRON falls in battle, STARSCREAM assumes the role of DECEPTICON leader on Earth. Mustering his surviving allies, he sets out to put his own plan in motion. But before he can do that, he’ll need to retrieve a fallen comrade, carry out a plan of revenge, and leave the Earth to meet up with a major player in the DECEPTICON army. Picking up where the film ended, “The Reign of Starscream” also reveals the fates of other surviving film characters, as co-writers Chris Ryall (Transformers Movie Prequel) and Chris Mowry present a tale of intrigue, betrayal, and dark ambition featuring both old and all-new TRANSFORMERS characters. Featuring art from fan-favorite illustrator Alex Milne (Transformers Movie Adaptation) and covers by Milne and Gabriel Rodriguez (Locke & Key).

Thursday, January 17, 2008

CHeVRoLeT CaPTiVA: FuuHHH!!!...Too GooD To Be TRuE...

P/s: 'Confirm' beli balik Australia nanti...HeHe... Insya'Allah....Ok, do read this awesome SUV specification review which I took it from the Autoworld magazine.
"Looks aside, and the Captiva looks great, it’s first advantage would be the fact that it is a seven-seater, with comfortable leather seats that split, fold and tumble over in numerous configurations, giving it great versatility. With ABS, Hydraulic Brake Assist (HBA), ESP (Electronic Stability Programme), Active Roll-over Protection, and Descent Control system, and Active 4WD that gives the Captiva 100 percent drive to the front when going straight ahead, engages 4Wd automatically and splits the torque 50:50 between front and rear axles, the Captiva, at least on paper, presents a great bang-for-your-buck package that is hard to refuse. Other accessories are headlamp cleaners and a rain sensor. Buyers of the Captiva have a choice of a 136 horsepower, 2.4 litre gasoline engine, or a 150 horsepower, 2.0 litre common rail diesel turbo engine. Both the Captiva models are available in 2WD and 4WD. Prices range from RM136k to RM150k...Not bad Hahhhh.."

MaCRoSS FRoNTiER 2008 ANiMaTED SeRiES: CaNNoT WaIT To See IT....

Although the Macross franchise has existed for a quarter century, the 2008 series Macross Frontier marks only the third TV entry, following the original series and 1994's Macross 7. Supervised by Shoji Kawamori, the series will be directed by Yasuhito Kikuchi (Saint Seiya, El Hazard) and feature mecha designs from Kawamori, as well as music from famed composer Yoko Kanno (Macross Plus, Ghost in the Shell). Set in 2059, the series focuses on the Macross Frontier deep space colonization fleet that comes under attack from mysterious alien mecha. The series focuses on Alto Saotome, a young pilot trainee who is bored of life in the fleet. The first episode aired in December 2007 as part of a Macross 25th anniversary special, but the series will begin its regular broadcast in April 2008. Although no episode count has been announced, it is rumored to run about 26 episodes.

TEASER 13: DeSPeRaTe ATTeMPT...HeHe...


Yesss...At last, I got it at the Cineleisure, Damansara last 2 weeks. This rare super conversion action figure of the Optimus Prime is one of the most anticipated action figures since the Transformers Movie been launched last year (USA Independence Day). To get things more interesting, this is the special edition of the Night-Watch mode produced deliberately by HASBRO to accommodate the demand of the basic mode which is currently out-of-stock (the production is much faster than the basic mode as the fancy colours are not much been used). OK guys, some story behind the drastic changes. Actually, Optimus Prime has converted himself into a stealth/camouflage mode machine by blending his appearance with the darkness of night as if the Decepticons try to strike again during the earth at its vulnerable time (night time). If you guys have seen the movie; at the end of the scenes, Starscream has vanished into the deep space to find the other loyal Decepticons in order to fight back against the Autobots. They are planning to attack the earth once again during the defenceless time which is at night. Optimus Prime and the other Autobots have figured it out their plan earlier and ordered the other Autobots to be transformed into a stealth/camouflage mode machine so that they will not been detected easily. Hmmmm...Enough of that....Yeahh....Fortunately, I’ve paid for this robot at the normal retail price (RM189.90) instead of paying more than the recommended price (usually they can put up to RM250). It is not impossible that the price will be sky-rocketing due to the high demand from the ‘kipas-susah-mati’. I might say that; by all means necessary, they are willing to do anything (cuti kerja, mengular and etc...HeHe) only to get it ASAP before others find it out....Happy Hunting guys....HeHe...

P/s: To my beloved wife: "Thanks for helping me to choose the right colour (US-Hasbro version) instead of choosing the Japan-TakaraTOMMY version"... =) Interesting Biography: OPTIMUS PRIME prefers a straightforward battle, in which opponents can look one another in the eye and know that what they do is for real and forever, as adversaries should. When fighting an enemy like the DECEPTICONS however, he knows that more subtle tactics are often called for. Using the new powers granted him by the infusion of AllSpark energy, he is ready for even the stealthiest mission. The darker colors are sensor transparent, letting him slip in unseen, often even directly under the eyes of DECEPTICON guards. New servos in his joints move him silently across the ground, and AllSpark powered punches let him take out enemy troops without a single pulse from his ion blaster.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


P/s: Yuppp...For those who are always being afraid to get to know their cat’s behaviour and have tried so many ways to make them feel comfortable and pampered, do read this article. Actually, this is an interesting article indeed. Trust me; after you've read this article, you'll know how to cuddle your cat efficiently....HeHe...To my beloved wife: 'Jangan risau la sayang, kucing nie selalunya tahu sape yang tak suka dan suka dia. Biasanye, kalu dia rase 'threatened or intimidated' dia akan bla je' =) HeHeHe.....Rules of thumb: Don't ever see directly to it faces..Nanti kena cekaw...HeHeHe...


PUTRAJAYA 15 Jan. – Kertas cadangan penuh penubuhan Universiti Apex yang dilaksanakan di bawah Pelan Strategik Pendidikan Tinggi Negara (PSPTN) dijangka dikemukakan kepada kerajaan pada pertengahan tahun ini. Menteri Pengajian Tinggi, Datuk Mustapa Mohamed berkata, menjelang tempoh tersebut, pihaknya berharap satu atau dua buah universiti awam sedia ada dapat dikenal pasti untuk dijadikan Universiti Apex.

‘‘Setakat ini, jawatankuasa khas penubuhan Universiti Apex telah membuat beberapa pertemuan kecil manakala mesyuarat penuhnya telah diadakan semalam. ‘‘Jawatankuasa khas itu diberikan masa selama enam bulan untuk mengemukakan cadangan dan syor mengenai penubuhan Universiti Apex kepada kerajaan,” katanya. Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang akhbar selepas majlis penyampaian watikah pelantikan penyandang Kursi Tun Abdul Razak ke-13 di pejabatnya di sini hari ini. Mustapa ditanya mengenai proses penubuhan Universiti Apex yang terkandung dalam PSPTN Melangkaui Tahun 2020. Pelan itu dilancarkan oleh Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi di Putrajaya pada 27 Ogos tahun lalu.

Pada majlis pelancaran itu, Perdana Menteri mencabar Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi supaya menubuhkan sekurang-kurangnya sebuah Universiti Apex sebelum Rancangan Malaysia Kesembilan (RMK-9) tamat pada 2010. Universiti Apex ialah universiti tersohor yang menjadi penanda aras peringkat dunia dalam bidang pengajian tinggi. Di bawah PSPTN, Universiti Apex dijanjikan autonomi dari segi kewangan, skim perkhidmatan, pengurusan, pengambilan pelajar, kepimpinan tertinggi dan penetapan yuran pengajian.

Kebebasan juga diberikan kepada Universiti Apex untuk mengambil lebih ramai pensyarah dan pelajar asing bagi membolehkan ia melahirkan para penyelidik bertaraf Nobel Laureate.
Universiti itu turut boleh menawarkan syarat-syarat perkhidmatan dan gaji yang lebih baik kepada pensyarah dari luar negara supaya ia menjadi lebih kompetitif meskipun ia kekal tertakluk di bawah Akta Universiti dan Kolej Universiti 1971. Menurut Mustapa, pihaknya berpuas hati kerana anggota jawatankuasa tersebut memahami konsep penubuhan universiti berkenaan dan memberikan komitmen tinggi bagi menjadikan pusat pengajian tinggi itu institusi bertaraf dunia. ‘‘Kita akan kaji cadangan jawatankuasa itu dan menelitinya dengan pantas tetapi sudah tentu ia akan mengambil masa,” katanya. Terdahulu ketika menyampaikan amanat tahun baru kepada kakitangan kementerian pada majlis berasingan, beliau berkata, pada tahun ini kementeriannya akan meneruskan usaha memberikan autonomi kepada universiti-universiti awam - UTUSAN MALAYSIA

P/s: It seems that the implementation will be taking place ASAP. Optimistically, UKM and UM will be nominated by the MOHE as two of the IPTAs to be recognized as The APEX University. Although the MQA 2007 reports revealed that USM was the best university in Malaysia in term of it undergrads and post-grads management (based on the 5,000 correspondence questionnaires mainly from the student), UKM and UM still at it own levels by winning the best research management category up ahead USM and UPM.

WaJiB PaKaI BaJu BaTiK SeTiaP KhAMiS...

PUTRAJAYA 15 Jan. – Semua kakitangan awam diwajibkan memakai baju batik pada setiap Khamis mulai minggu ini, kata Ketua Setiausaha Negara, Tan Sri Mohd. Sidek Hassan.

Beliau berkata, langkah itu bertujuan memastikan kakitangan awam ‘tidak lupa’ untuk berbaju batik kerana sebelum ini ia hanya dipakai dua kali sebulan. Ini bermakna pemakaian baju batik di kalangan kakitangan kerajaan bukan lagi pada hari pertama dan ke-15 setiap bulan seperti yang diamalkan sebelum ini. Dengan penguatkuasaan peraturan itu, baju batik akan dipakai empat kali sebulan.

“Kakitangan lelaki digalakkan memakai batik Malaysia,” kata Mohd. Sidek kepada pemberita selepas merasmikan Seminar Penilaian Keberkesanan Pelaksanaan Inisiatif Baru Mempertingkatkan Sistem Penyampaian Kerajaan di sini hari ini. Pekeliling mengenai arahan berbaju batik itu telah dikeluarkan dalam laman web Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA) oleh Ketua Pengarahnya, Tan Sri Ismail Adam. Menurut Mohd. Sidek, pemakaian baju batik tidak dilakukan pada hari Jumaat kerana ramai kakitangan lelaki mahu memakai baju Melayu pada hari tersebut. “Ini bukan arahan baru... kita cuma kembali pada sistem lama,” katanya.

Sebelum ini, pemakaian baju batik di kalangan kakitangan awam ialah pada hari Sabtu tetapi apabila hari bekerja sektor awam menjadi lima hari seminggu, ia ditukar kepada hari pertama dan ke-15 setiap bulan. Sementara itu, JPA dalam satu kenyataan hari ini memaklumkan arahan tersebut tidak terpakai kepada pegawai yang dibekalkan dengan pakaian seragam, pegawai yang menghadiri acara-acara rasmi seperti persidangan antarabangsa, perjumpaan dengan pelawat asing atau pegawai yang menghadiri majlis-majlis rasmi yang menetapkan pemakaian jenis pakaian lain - UTUSAN MALAYSIA

P/s: Hmmmm...Order from the 'Turus 1' boss...Kena ikut la jawabnye.